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Melanie and Oliver

posted on 20th Jul 2008

After having had my Daughter’s wedding reception at St Audries I can say that it was indeed the “Perfect Wedding”. I have considered long and hard before I can quite genuinely say that, on the day, there was no weakest link. The words excellent and exceptional are not adequate to describe every aspect of the “package”. So perhaps all I can do is highlight the extraordinary, namely your staff. From Claire who organised and oversaw the event to your cleaners and ground staff who presented the venue in all its glory – I have nothing but praise.

I encountered a gardner in the morning who was tending to the flower beds. He was doing this with a smile and a pride that his garden had to look immaculate for the next event and it most certainly did. But he was not the exception, he was the rule. I did not see one grim face; nothing was ever too much trouble. Claire is a fantastic asset.

I will finish with the comment I passed on to her that one guest made to me the next day. He said that he had not been to a “Wedding”; he had been in a “Fairytale”.