Special wedding day gifts for your future husband or wife

Love letters with a rose

Buying your partner a wedding day present is a lovely way to mark your special day, read on for our best gift ideas for your future husband or wife.

Gifts for both partners

A love letter

The love letter is one of the most romantic and timeless gifts; pouring your heart out onto the page and letting your future husband or wife know exactly why you appreciate them is a lovely gift to give them on the morning of your wedding.

A lesson

A class in dance, cookery, or art is a brilliant gift idea and one that can be tailored to your partner’s individual interests and passions. You can also book both you and your partner into a class, turning it into a fun romantic experience.

Gifts for him

Often the bride is the key focus of the wedding day, which is why buying your groom a gift can be such a nice surprise for him on the morning of your wedding. As Isabel, a writer at @wimagazine, explains “a surprise gift for the groom on the wedding morning can set the mood for the day and make him feel loved and appreciated”.

The experience gift

There are many cool experience gifts to be found on the internet. If your groom is very adventurous, he may appreciate an experience gift over a physical one. There are endless experience gifts to pick from, such as: sky-diving, race car driving, or go-karting. You can also easily find a great deal on websites that list discounted deals, such as Groupon.

A stylish passport cover

If you’re planning a marriage filled with many fun adventures, the first being an incredible honeymoon, then why not buy your future husband a stylish and unique passport cover? There are many chic and sophisticated options on the market; you can easily purchase a passport cover made from leather or suede. If your groom is more quirky, then he may love a passport cover in a fun print or a bright shade. To make this gift totally unique, you could go for a passport cover with a quotation on the front or one inspired by his favourite film, TV show, or book.


Cufflinks come in all kinds of styles to suit every kind of groom. Online marketplaces and shops, such as Etsy, have some very original designs that would be great for a thoughtful wedding day present. A big draw to choosing cufflinks as a gift is that you can make them really personal; for example, you can choose to have them engraved with your special date, or go for designs to match your groom’s interests or personality.

Gifts for her

Show your bride how much you appreciate her, with a personal and thoughtful wedding day gift.


A lovely piece of jewellery that your bride-to-be can wear with her wedding dress is a beautiful gift to give her on the day of your wedding. You may like to buy her something personal to her, such as a necklace with her birthstone or a locket, with a photo of you both in it. A charm bracelet, with individual charms to mark shared memories, in-jokes, or things that you both love, is another lovely gift idea. For example, if you met at university, then you may like to include a small graduation cap. If you share a pet, then you may like to include a small animal charm.

Tickets to a show

If your future wife has a favourite Broadway play or film, then you may like to buy her tickets to a show. The most well-known and popular Broadway shows tend to run throughout the year. In addition, many cinemas do reruns of classics or highly popular films, and it can be a real kick for film buffs to catch one of their favourite films on the big screen.

Perfume and roses


If you’ve come to know the kinds of scents that your wife-to-be loves, then you won’t go wrong with perfume for a wedding day present. Perfume is sensual, fun, and personal – the perfect romantic gift.

A romantic surprise

A romantic gift on the morning of your wedding is a thoughtful gesture that will tug on your partner’s heartstrings. We hope our list helped you narrow down your options for your wedding day gift choice.

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