7 films that will get you in wedding planning mode

Whether you’re stuck for inspiration or looking to share a laugh about the common wedding challenges so many couples face, the silver screen provides the perfect break from the planning process. Weddings are the subject of so many films, past and present, and for good reason. Tying the knot really does highlight a rather romantic and often hilarious series of events.


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Wedding planning shouldn’t be all stress and no fun. If wedding planning does get you down, sit back, relax, and enjoy the following movies, each of which is guaranteed to give you the laugh you need to keep the planning of your own nuptials on track.

1. My Best Friend’s Wedding

We couldn’t help but begin with this wedding film classic. Released in 1998, this veteran title is timeless and reflects the classic tale of boy meets girl, girl wants to marry boy, but boy’s best friend wants to marry him too. A film packed with laughs and just as many awkward moments.

2. The Wedding Singer

Another golden oldie in the film world, The Wedding Singer is an 80s inspired flick that follows a wedding singer (played by Adam Sandler) who falls in love with an events waitress (Drew Barrymore). Considered the best of all the romantic comedies starring this duo, the film is hilarious, off the cuff, and the ideal escape from wedding planning stresses.

3. Wedding Crashers

From wedding singers to wedding crashers, this film may not follow the conventional wedding storyline, but it works nonetheless. Here’s what Brides had to say about it:

“So maybe you don’t want anyone strangers showing up to your wedding, guessing the readings during your ceremony (we all know it will be Corinthians) taking advantage of your cocktail hour and open bar. But you’ll want to have the same amount of fun that manchildren John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) do in Wedding Crashers. Aside from the laughs and gasps, Wedding Crashers has a sweet, romantic undercurrent, making it a great pre-wedding movie for you and your fiancé to take in before you dance to “Shout” at your own rockin’ party.”


4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Don’t judge this flick by the more recent trailers for its sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. This original and best wedding film follows a Greek bride who falls in love with a groom that’s far from Greek. The heart-warming film looks at this clash of cultures, with hilarious results.

5. The Five Year Engagement

A comedy that is the most underrated yet likeable wedding film in our rundown, The Five Year Engagement follows a couple (Emily Blunt and Jason Segel) who have the same problem so many have in today’s busy world. Blunt and Segel have postponed their wedding in the midst of life’s little dramas. An engagement film rather than a wedding flick, this movie is a great way to help you appreciate the romantic and unromantic moments that are encountered in every relationship.

6. Bridesmaids

Want to know how not to throw a hen party? This cult 2011 film offers a poignant list of don’ts. Bridesmaids follows Kristen Wiig, a maid of honour who has bittersweet feelings about her long-time friend tying the knot. Throw in Rose Byrne, an uptight, control freak rival for the maid of honour title, and the film offers plenty of funny and often cringe worthy moments. This film is often dubbed the female Hangover and you’ll see why when you watch it.

7. The Wedding Planner

A classic wedding rom com, The Wedding Planner is a surprisingly funny movie following planner Jennifer Lopez as she lands the biggest job of her career and (spoiler…) subsequently falls for the groom (Matthew McConaughey).

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