What is a ring warming?

Whether you are hosting a huge wedding or an intimate soiree, your wedding ceremony is the bread and butter of the entire celebration. Whilst all brides and grooms want a beautiful ceremony that signifies their union and love, completing the legal bits that make your marriage official is an essential part of your special day. Choosing between the civil, religious or humanist ceremony options available is something that should be completed during the early days of wedding planning. Those looking to add an extra twist to proceedings, however, may want to look into hosting a ring warming as part of their ceremony.

Ring warming ceremony

Read on to discover exactly what a ring warming ceremony is and how you can host one at your upcoming wedding.

An introduction to the ring warming

Regardless of the type of wedding ceremony or reception you’re planning, getting your guests involved in every part of your special day is the key to enjoyment for all. Traditionally the wedding ceremony requires very little audience participation, with involvement going as far as your nearest and dearest delivering the odd reading or two. A ring warming gets every guest attending your ceremony involved, giving them an opportunity to hold your wedding bands and pass on wishes of good luck.

When does a ring warming take place?

A ring warming can take place before or during your wedding ceremony, it’s entirely up to you. Couples with long guest lists should coordinate this part of their wedding to the last detail, as while guests only get to hold your bands briefly, they may have to travel some distance to ‘make the rounds’. With These Rings offers their advice on inviting your guests to warm your wedding bands:

“You will want to put someone in charge of your ring warming, to explain to guests how it works and make sure that it runs smoothly. Depending on the type of ceremony you’re having you have a few options. The most common option is to pass the rings around throughout the ceremony and have your ring chaperone(s) keep an eye on things to make sure the rings are moving along and will be ready when it is time. If you have a larger guest list you may want to have everyone “warm” your rings as they arrive, before they take their seat. If all of this just sounds like too much trouble but you still love the idea, you can always just do this with your parents and wedding party before the ceremony.”

wedding rings in a book

More ring warming tips

If you want your ring warming to form part of your ceremony, saying a few words to introduce your ring warming is recommended. If you plan on having a ring chaperone as suggested above, make sure your chosen person is armed with an explanation. Most guests won’t know what a ring warming is, so keep them informed to ensure the practice is respected and more than just a chance to take a closer look at your wedding rings. Many couples tying the knot put a little blurb or note in their wedding invitations to explain the ring warming process and ensure well wishes are successfully passed on during the big day itself.

Don’t forget to accessorise to ensure your wedding bands travel in style. There are a number of beautiful wedding ring pillows and bags available that will present your bands elegantly as they complete their voyage around your wedding party.

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