Trainers are becoming a favourite footwear choice at weddings!

Many brides see their wedding as the perfect excuse to splash out on a brand new pair of beautiful high heeled shoes. Whether they’re going to be visible beneath the hem of the dress or not, a lot of women opt to wear formal, elegant and – all too often – uncomfortable shoes on their wedding day.

Although there’s no denying that high heeled shoes can look truly fantastic, they aren’t always the best choice for women who want to bust grooves on the dance floor all night long. As @hellomag says, “Blisters and burning feet are not exactly what any bride wants on her wedding day, which could explain why more women than ever are shunning high heels in favour of comfy trainers.” If you want to enjoy comfortable footwear on your wedding day, but aren’t willing to give up on style altogether, specially designed wedding trainers could be the perfect option. Keep reading to out more.

Trainers are becoming the runaway favourite footwear for weddings

Over the past few years, wedding trainers have exploded in popularity. More and more brides are opting to ditch uncomfortable heels in favour of stylish and practical trainers. From white sparkly trainers to sequined shoes and ivory designs, there are lots of pairs out there that are just perfect for weddings.

How to choose your wedding trainers

Although not many brands market their shoes as specific ‘wedding trainers’, there are lots of designs out there that work perfectly with gowns of all types. If your wedding dress reaches all the way down to the floor, guests may not even see your footwear during the course of the festivities. However, you’ll probably still want to choose a colour and a design that complements your outfit. Opt for cream, white or ivory shoes if you want your footwear to blend in. Alternatively, choose a pair of trainers in a vibrant colour and make your feet stand out for all the right reasons.


Just because you’ve opted to wear trainers on your wedding day, doesn’t mean your footwear needs to be dull. Instead of choosing a pair of shoes off the shelf, why not have some stylish trainers customised just for you? You could have your initials embroidered onto the shoes, or have the date of your wedding embossed onto the surface. If you don’t want any numbers or writing on the footwear, think about having a pair of your favourite trainers covered in glitter or sequins especially for your big day.

A great way to make a style statement, and ensure you’re comfortable from the start of your wedding to the very end, trainers could be the perfect choice for your all-important celebration. Find out more about planning unique and personalised weddings by getting in touch with a member of our team today.

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