Songs that simply have to be played at a wedding reception

Selecting songs for your wedding reception can be a challenge. Pleasing everyone from your great aunt to your teenage nephew isn’t easy, so the more planning you put in, the better. As @sprucemagazine suggests, the best tactic is to ‘Select a diverse set of tunes that will satisfy everyone and keep people on their toes throughout the night as you mix it up in the introduction to the party, at the bouquet toss, and on the dance floor.’ To help you find the perfect mix, we’re taking a look at some of the best wedding reception tracks of all time.

Everything I Do (I do it for you) – Bryan Adams

Featured on the soundtrack of early ’90s blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Bryan Adams’ classic love song is one of the most famous wedding tracks of all time. Following its release, the single spent an incredible 16 consecutive weeks at number one in the UK charts and went on to sell more than 15 million copies worldwide. The perfect way to get your guests in the wedding mood, this beautiful track will get everyone on the dance floor.

Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) – Beyoncé

Single Ladies’ has been a dance floor filler since the moment it was released back in 2008. One of the biggest selling tracks of all time, it’s the perfect song for you and your friends to shake your wedding booty to.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

It’s hard to think of a song that’s more appropriate for a wedding playlist than Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’. As well as having great lyrics, the 2011 track boasts a feel good tune and an irresistible beat, making it the ideal way to kick off your wedding celebration.

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves

The classic intro of this energetic ’80s track will have your guests strutting their way to the dance floor before the lyrics have even started. In fact, the tune is so contagious we challenge anyone to remain seated for its duration.

The Best – Tina Turner

Originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler, ‘The Best’ was re-recorded by Tina Turner and released in 1989. The track instantly became a classic and has been regularly featured on wedding playlists around the world ever since.

Love is All Around – Wet Wet Wet

When it comes to wedding reception tracks, they don’t come much more cheesy than ‘Love is All Around’ by Wet Wet Wet. Although it had been recorded by various artists before, it was the 1994 version, recorded for the Soundtrack of Four Weddings and a Funeral, that achieved the greatest chart success, staying in the top spot for an incredible 15 weeks. Although some guests may groan when this track comes on the sound system, it’s one of those songs that’s an absolute must have at your wedding.

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