Football themed weddings that suit the bride and the groom

Football on a pitch

If your husband-to-be is passionate about football, there’s probably nothing he’d like more than to incorporate elements of his team into the big day. From wearing their favourite kit to holding the ceremony in the local stadium, many grooms would love to make football the focus of their wedding. Brides however, are generally less keen to dedicate the most important day of their lives to sport; though there are of course several female fans amongst football lovers!

Luckily, it is possible to use football as a wedding theme without sacrificing the style or the sophistication of your big day. Though it will take some time and planning – and of course a sympathetic bride – creating a wedding that hits the back of the net is easier than you think.


To set the tone for your football themed wedding day, start by sending custom invitations. Design your invitations or save the date cards to look like football tickets, complete with ‘Name Vs Name’, the date, the time and the venue. Ask your friends and family to bring the ‘tickets’ along with them on the day and have ‘staff’ at the entrance to check they’re valid and to send them to the right part of the stadium, sorry, venue.

Table plans

Name each wedding table after a different team in the league, using relevant team colours to distinguish between the tables, and create a bit of friendly rivalry.

Colour themes

Using the team colours as the wedding theme is a great way to subtly include references to football in your big day. With any luck, his favourite team’s colours will be navy blue, sky blue, red or yellow. Yellow and green, orange and black or green or red and black may be a little harder to cater for.


Bridge sat on a wall


As well as including colours, names and ideas from football in your big day, you can also organise a short match to keep your guests entertained. As @bustle points out, when you play a game, “instantaneously, people who have never met are giving one another high fives and cheering each other on — talk about some wedding team spirit!”.


Incorporating football into your wedding photos is relatively easy, especially if you want photos with a bit of humour and personality about them. You could ask your photographer to take ‘team’ photos of the bridal party, get action shots of the bride tackling the groom or re-enact the wedding ceremony with the registrar dressed as a referee.

With so many options to choose from, incorporating football into your big day should be easy. For more wedding based ideas and inspiration, explore our site today.

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