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Team CHW
August 7th 2020
How many dress fittings will I need?
Unbeknown to most brides, finding ‘the one’ is just the beginning. The vast majority of brides-t…
Team CHW
July 24th 2020
Wedding dress styles through time
Fashion trends change so much during the course of the year, with what’s hot (and what’s not) al…
Team CHW
July 10th 2020
Philanthropy will find its way into weddings in 2021
Over recent months, we’ve all come to realise just how important friends, family and community rea…
Team CHW
June 26th 2020
Should I wear wedges at my wedding? Shoes style for 2021
Even though your wedding shoes may only poke out from under your gown a few times during the day, fi…

Stunning dress styles for plus-size brides

June 5th 2020

Wedding trends for menswear 2020/21

May 22nd 2020

Vests are best — waistcoats for a rustic wedding trend 2020

May 8th 2020

Should I buy a wedding dress online?

April 24th 2020

Dealing with a groomzilla

April 10th 2020

5 wedding dress disasters and how to solve them

March 27th 2020
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