4 Outfit ideas for the mother of the bride or groom

Behind a beautiful bride (or groom)… there’s always a beautiful mum. After all, she gave you the genes, the spark and the charm that your guests will remember your big day for. Let’s have a look at the best ways for her to dress on this special occasion.

On the day of the wedding, the mother of the bride or groom will be one of the happiest attendees; and she should, as a matter of fact, feel as beautiful as she possibly can. She is likely to busy herself quite a bit, trying to make sure everything goes according to plan. Even when the venue has been arranged in advance, and all preparations monitored with the utmost care, she will most likely ensure that everything and everyone shines just as much as possible. She will, for sure, be one proud mum.

So, the mother-of-the-bride or groom should shine in her own right, not outshine her daughter or son, and be comfortable enough in her outfit to spend the whole day in it! Finding a dress that fits this criteria can seem like a difficult task at first, but we hope that, thanks to our guide, it will become just that little bit easier.

Evening wedding: Greek inspiration

If the wedding is taking place in the evening, and the dress code is formal, long dresses inspired by ancient Greece can be an excellent option. These dresses are usually made of lightweight fabric, such as silk, giving their wearer a vaporous look, without compromising on elegance and formality.

These dresses can be very flattering for the mother-of-the-bride. Usually, they are associated with Greek goddesses, immersing women in an aura of divinity and other-worldliness. Their calculated pleats and folds are able to reveal beauty, while concealing areas that we do not want others to notice.

Of course, this kind of dress would look even better on the mother-of-the-bride if the entire wedding was themed around the topic of ancient Greece. But it is worth bearing in mind that, even when the wedding has no particular overarching theme, this kind of dress may make the mother-of-the-bride stand out for her glamour, with a touch of chic.

A staple: A two-piece suit

A two piece suit is a style that looks great on virtually any kind of woman or body shape. Depending on the type of fabric, this style is suitable for daytime or evening celebrations. It is also a great choice all year round, due to its versatility.

In order to adapt a two-piece to a woman’s personality, there are two main things to bear in mind. The first one is, of course, the colour of choice. If the mother-of-the-bride is a strong-willed individual, the life of every party etc – reds and golden tones will be an excellent choice for her. A serene and austere lady could opt for a navy suit, worn with orange shoes for a touch of fun. Someone more daring could even be willing to combine a green dress with a pink jacket! The second is the kind of fabric. Choose heavier, warmer fabrics for winter; and lighter ones for summer.

The choice is yours; and the key is always to try out your outfit sufficiently in advance for peace of mind; and to avoid surprises at short notice.

Two piece outfit


Summer daytime: Pastel hues

On the occasion of a summer wedding, the mother-of-the-bride might be feeling that the colour palette she can choose from is not very broad. This will be especially true if she is accustomed to wearing elegant navys and silvers; which she might deem inadequate for a hot summer day.

Thankfully, there is a whole palette of pastels for her to discover. It is true that not all pastels will suit all types of women. For example, pink tones will be more adequate for brunettes, whereas blues usually look better on blonde ladies. There are also ochres, and light powdery purples. By the way, these colours couldn’t be more “in”.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, according to what makes you feel more confident and beautiful.

A pastel blue dress


Don’t Like Gowns? Try a Trouser Suit

If the mother-of-the-bride doesn’t like dresses or skirts, she might be feeling a bit worried, thinking that her choices are limited. Far from it! Luckily, many designers are aware of the fact that not all women like skirts, maybe because they don’t like to show their legs, or just because they don’t feel comfortable in them. Therefore, you will be able to find many suit designs for women that don’t compromise on taste, elegance or femininity.

Look out for soft fabrics like silk and lace, which will distinguish the suit from a gentleman’s; as well as surprising colours, such as warm oranges or deep blues. White can work well, particularly for summer weddings, but make sure to wear a contrasting scarf and shoes, green or yellow, to distinguish you from the bride while adding some extra glamour.

White trouser suit

Photos by Bess Georgette and Payal Jaggi

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