Honeymoon profile: Scotland

Scottish view

When planning a honeymoon, Scotland seems an unlikely choice – but it offers jaw-dropping landscapes, friendly locals, and many more cultural delights. There are many gorgeous options for a comfortable, enjoyable stay: a secluded boat house, a charming cottage in the heart of the Scottish countryside, or an upmarket hotel in the lively, cultural hotbed of Edinburgh.

The beautiful Scottish countryside

Scotland is the perfect place for honeymoons – fresh air, beautiful countryside and the challenge of the mountains. Famous for its natural beauty, Scotland is the ideal place for relaxing and enjoying tranquil scenery.

Just the ticket for active couples that enjoy partaking in outside activities together. Cycling through the Scottish countryside is a popular way to spend time for many visitors – you can easily hire your own bikes and take tours of some of the highlights of the Scottish countryside.

Many activities on offer

Scotland is also home to five ski resorts, easily accessible via the major Scottish cities. Many visitors choose to stay in the surrounding accommodation, with self-catered apartments, luxury chalets and cozy lodges all on offer.

Scotland is also a great place for water sports: Kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, powerboat and canoeing are some of the watersports on offer. Scotland is also (surprisingly) a renowned diving hotspot, as Visit Scotland explains:

“With battle ships and magnificent marine life, the waters of Scotland feature some of the world’s most exciting diving sites. There are diving opportunities for all abilities with dive companies offering everything from day trips to on-board accommodation on dive boats.”

In addition, there are also a variety of music festivals held throughout the year, including Tea in the Park. Great for younger newly weds or for older couples looking to relive their festival days.

Edinburgh – colour and culture

Edinburgh is known for its character – with its beautiful sweeping streets and striking architecture. Edinburgh is bursting with culture, full of Michelin star restaurants, bright bars and many galleries and museums.

Edinburgh holds a range of festivals on throughout the year – including the Edinburgh International Film Festival – which hosts screenings of international critically-acclaimed films; Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, which hosts jazz and blues musicians from around the world; and the Edinburgh Art Festival, where visitors can enjoy visual works created by Scottish and international artists. In addition, Edinburgh Festival Fringe is Scotland’s most popular festival, where visitors can enjoy theatre and circus shows, poetry, art exhibitions, comedy sketches and opera, music and dance performances, and much more.

Scotland is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an inexpensive getaway and don’t want to travel too far from home; offering culture, natural beauty and a range of activities, it’s a great place to pick for an enjoyable honeymoon.

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