Honeymoon profile: Thailand


A favourite travel destination of many, famed for it’s sandy beaches, friendly locals and delicious, inexpensive food. Thailand is a great honeymoon choice. One of the biggest draws of holidaying in Thailand is that your money will stretch much further than many other holiday destinations. Enjoy good food, adventures and pampering for a fraction of the cost of enjoying those same things in another destination.

In addition, the locals are known for being friendly and welcoming. Thailand’s predominant religion is Buddhism and the majority of the locals follow Buddhist principles and ethical conduct, treating each other and foreigners with kindness, warmth and respect.

City life

Thailand offers vibrant city life – in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, there are endless options for entertainment, adventure and indulgence. Visitors often praise the delicious and inexpensive cuisine on offer, the vibrant entertainment options and the beautiful architecture of the local shrines and temples.

Thailand also offers a sense of mysticism and is a wonderful place for anyone who is spiritual, or potentially interested in the local Buddhist culture. Thai cities are home to beautiful shrines and temples, where visitors get the opportunity to soak up the peaceful atmosphere and check out the beautiful architecture and carvings of Buddhist figures. In addition, Buddhist shrines with golden buddha statues and lavish decor can be found on the streets of both the rural and urban parts of Thailand. The Thais’ wrap the local banyan trees in sacred cloth to honour the resident spirits.

Bangkok is known for its vibrant street life. Offering colour and diversity, with a range of buzzing bars, restaurants, live shows and local shopping boutiques. You can also experience the old charm of Chinatown, with its striking ancient architecture, delicious cuisine and live Chinese opera.

Chiang Mai offers a combination of beautiful mountains and the charms and vibrancy of city life. It offers a relatively relaxed atmosphere, with its beautiful natural scenery and ancient architecture.  Chiang Mai is also home to some aesthetically stunning shrines and temples, perfect for relaxing daytime wonders with your new husband or wife. Yoga and meditation retreats are also popular attractions for westerners holidaying in Chiang Mai, ideal if you’d like to deepen your relaxation on your honeymoon break.

Phuket beach

Beachside escapes

Phuket is famed for its gorgeous scenery and relaxing beach atmosphere. Boasting golden beaches, clear skies and turquoise waves. Phuket offers culture and entertainment in Phuket town, while its surrounding beaches and smaller islands offer colourful live entertainments and buzzing bars, and relaxing beachside escapes.

Koh Samui, in contrast, offers a more low-key atmosphere, many locals venture there on their own holiday escapes. It’s a place for pampering, with cocktails, fine food and local spa treatments. Coconut groves, mountainous rainforests and relaxing spas are some of the charms offered in this part of Thailand.

Lonely Planet comments on the mysterious, low-key elements of the local island:

“Look for steaming street-side food stalls beyond the beach, backpacker shanties plunked down on quiet stretches of sand and secreted Buddhist temples along the backstreets. To really get away, head to the south or the west of the island where you’ll find authentic Samui family-run seafood restaurants, tourist-free towns buzzing with descendants of the original Chinese merchant settlers and long stretches of refreshingly wild and shaggy coconut palms.”

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