Want A Hundred-Year-Old Wedding?

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties of the 21st century!

Having recently entered the 2020s, many of us are looking back a hundred years to the 1920s for inspiration for all sorts of reasons. Whether this is due to the centenary of the jazzy decade having rolled around or the success of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, 2013’s The Great Gatsby, or even a combination of all three of these, it’s impossible to know.

What we do know though is that 1920s trends and styles have been popping up all over the place and the wedding industry is no exception! If you and your spouse are lovers of the 1920s, then this might be the wedding theme you’ve been searching for! But how do you go about having your own blinding 1920s wedding knees up?

1920s wedding trends look completely at home in stunning historic venues whilst also adding an Agatha Christie-esque vibe to the whole affair.

Once you’ve sorted out your fabulous venue, you need to move on to even more pressing wedding matters. Your wedding dress! Jazz Age dress styles were defined by dropped waistlines and necklines, creating a streamlined and androgynous silhouette. Gowns also featured ornate beading and embroidery. All in all, rocking a 1920s themed wedding ensemble is sure to turn all heads on your wedding day.

And there are plenty of other finishing touches from the 1920s that you can adopt to make your wedding a roaring success! Champagne was a popular drink in the 1920s, which was a decade marked by an air of hedonism and overindulgence after the austerity and sobriety of the First World War.

The Art Deco art movement proliferated every aspect of the 1920s, so your wedding invitations, Save the Dates and any other signage or literature can be easily designed with this in mind. Suits for the groom, his groomsmen and family members can be as easily kept on theme, as tweed and thick, heavy wool suits were en vogue in the era as they are today!

When choosing your wedding band, look no further than a fabulous jazz band to get all of your guests up and dancing, and keep everyone fuelled for fun and festivities by featuring some of the decade’s most popular canapés like devilled eggs!

For table decorations, arrange strings of pearl beads and enormous feathers in tall glass vases to create an opulent atmosphere. 1920s wedding colours could range from the bold of black and gold to the more sedate and romantic of creamy metallics, depending on the look that you are trying to achieve for your Big Day. Think about combining feathers and pearls with your choice of 1920s wedding colours to decorate your cake to make it another feature of your day that people will remember.

To really make your wedding look the part, let your guests know the theme of the day in advance and encourage them to dress in keeping. Give your guests plenty of time to arrange their outfits.

Letting people know a day or two before the event will not go down well. 1920s costumes are easy to hire or make at home with very little effort and will make sure that the photographs of your Big Day will look exceptional.

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