Vests are best — waistcoats for a rustic wedding trend 2020

For a long time, the three-piece suit was out of fashion and most grooms opted for a less formal wedding look. Over the past few years however, more and more men are opting to revive the trend and wear a waistcoat for their walk up the aisle.

Giving men a debonair look and a fantastic wedding accessory, a waistcoat can help grooms stand out from the crowd and stamp express personality through their wedding outfit.

If you like the waistcoat look, this 2020 trend could be just what you’re searching for. Here are some of our favourite wedding waistcoat ideas to get you started.

 Add a splash of colour

If you’re wearing a dark blue, brown, black or grey suit on your wedding day, a waistcoat could be the perfect way to add a little colour and individuality to your outfit. Opt for a bright, bold waistcoat to lift your look and make your outfit your own.

Make sure the colour you choose complements your tie, the wedding décor and any other colour themes you have on the day. If you don’t want to go bright and bold, you can still add personality to your look by choosing a waistcoat with an eye-catching pattern.

Stand out from the crowd

If your suit matches or is similar to, those of your groomsmen, a waistcoat can help you to stand out from the crowd.

As @whitfieldward says, “A contrast waistcoat for the groom is one our favourite ways of setting him apart from his groomsmen. It allows you to experiment with pattern and colour to create a dynamic look that will instantly show your guests you’re the main man!

Waistcoats don’t have to be formal

A lot of men assume that a three-piece suit is one of the more formal choices for a wedding. And while a suit with a complementary waistcoat can be a smart option for your big day, it can be part of a rustic look too.

For example, if you’re having a country wedding, tweed waistcoats will help the groom and groomsmen fit right into their rural surroundings. Match their waistcoats with tweed suit jackets and brown or beige trousers for the ultimate country look.

Waistcoat only

Another way of making a waistcoat less formal is to wear it without a jacket. This look tends to work best at summer weddings as it allows grooms and groomsmen to look dressed up while staying cool. Roll your shirtsleeves up to dress the look down or wear a tie and formal shirt to smarten yourself up.

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