The trends set to sweep the wedding scene during 2022

With a new year, comes a long list of wedding trends to get excited about. Like many industries, the wedding scene moves with the times, with the elegant, classic wedding styles that are always favourites sitting alongside cutting edge themes and schemes that bring a whole new meaning to a very modern wedding.

So, what has 2022 got in store for newly engaged couples, and brides- and grooms-to-be who have already set a date? Let us talk you through the top trends set to sweep the wedding scene during the year ahead.

Renting is the way forward

Whatever theme you are looking to go for, one thing’s for sure, you can wear a wedding dress that encompasses your chosen wedding style to a tee, and the price isn’t a factor thanks to this growing trend.

In 2022, it’s all about renting your wedding dress – not buying it – which will not only help the planet but work wonders for your budget. You can rent a wedding dress for a fraction of the price it costs to purchase the design.

Just take a leaf out of Carrie Symonds’ book – her designer gown costs £2,870 to buy and was rented for her nuptials to PM Boris Johnson for just £45!

Regency weddings are in

Whether it’s an obsession with Netflix hit Bridgerton, a love for all things Jane Austen, or a fixation with this era of quintessentially English history, hosting a Regency inspired wedding is very on-trend for 2022.

This timelessly romantic period simply oozes charm and femininity, with its empire line wedding gowns, natural makeup, and half up, half down bridal hairstyles providing a stunning look for any bride.

Contrary to popular belief, however, regency-inspired bridal style isn’t bound to the traditional rules of a white wedding as author Susanne Dietze details:

“The idea of a white-gowned lady in a veil is Victorian. In the Regency, a bride could wear any color or pattern. In the latter part of the 1700s, blue, white and silver were favored colors for weddings, but light-colored gowns of other hues grew in popularity by the early 1800s—for wealthier brides. Since these gowns would be worn again and again, brides of lower social circles would often choose their best gowns or something dark and practical.”

Elsewhere the theme can be incorporated with regency blue colour schemes, touches of wisteria and seasonal flowers, vintage china, and handwritten invitations complete with your favourite Regency book quotes.

Forget diamonds, it’s all about the pearls

Diamonds may traditionally be a girl’s best friend, but for 2022 weddings and even engagements, the pearl is the gemstone of choice.

From proposing with a simple pearl ring to donning a more elaborate pearl wedding dress on the big day itself, there’s an elegant simplicity to this stunning stone that is certain to look great at weddings big and small.

Wedding entertainment will be far from average

In 2022, your choice of wedding entertainment is bigger than ever, and you don’t have to stick with the usual DJ.

When it comes to entertaining guests at your 2022 wedding, the more unusual, the better. Get guests dancing with a live performance from a sax player or steel drum band, hire a bouncy castle for the big and little kids, throw a few axes, bring out party classics like beer pong and piñatas, or treat everyone to a circus performance. The possibilities are endless!

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