Our advice for nailing the festival wedding theme

Heading to the country to find your wedding venue unlocks many perks for engaged couples with varying budgets. In addition to being a fitting location for an extravagant big day, the idyllic surroundings also provide great rustic scenery for a more intimate, laid-back occasion, a fact that makes our venues the perfect destinations for festival-inspired weddings.

While we don’t permit marquees or tents within the grounds of our stunning wedding venues, it’s the little touches that can help to cement this popular theme. Read on to discover our top tips for nailing the festival wedding theme.

Keep your ceremony and reception relaxed

The festival theme is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed occasion that’s less pomp and more about the both of you. With your country house wedding venue setting the scene, you can set the relaxed tone every festival-themed wedding should embrace.

Keep your entire day as relaxed and carefree as any festival. Make the most of the natural scenery around you, incorporate rustic wedding décor and seating options (hay bales and wildflowers work a treat), choose a reportage photography style to document every moment, and throw in lots of live music along the way.

Remember – variety is the spice of (festival) life

The joy of festivals is the sheer variety of activities and entertainment on offer. Recreate this festival feeling on your wedding day by making zones throughout your wedding venue and grounds, and dedicating each to a different activity. It’ll keep you and your guests thoroughly entertained all day long.

Having various activities and entertainment options on offer is also a great excuse to include some iconic, rustic wooden signage. So, what will feature in your festival line-up?

Dress for the occasion – wellies optional!

While you might not need to don your Wellington boots when hosting a summer festival wedding at one of our venues, your choice of wedding dress and accessories can help you embody that festival theme to a tee.

Here Whimsical Wonderland Weddings shares its advice for dressing for your festival wedding:

“Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be festival themed, instead, consider how you wish to look, what you want to be able to do and feel on the big day. If your venue is likely to be muddy, think about having a short frock or bringing along wellies. Alternatively, you could go for a relaxed loose fitting gown you can dance away in and feel comfortable. But above all, just go with your gut and your dress will fit into your day perfectly.”

Slow dance under the stars

A festival wedding is a great opportunity to enjoy all things alternative. If you’re not a fan of the traditional first dance, why not enjoy a private moment together under the stars with a slow dance away from the prying eyes of your wedding guests?

It’s a beautiful way to end your festival wedding, enjoy a romantic rendezvous, and truly take stock of the day.

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