The UK wedding industry by numbers

The UK wedding industry by numbers.

The wedding industry is one sector that moves with the times. Whether it’s the latest trends or couple behaviours setting the scene, our country wedding venues embrace it all to ensure we can help those tying the knot plan their special days and enjoy every moment.

With 2023 behind us, there are some new facts and figures defining the wedding world. So, what have the weddings of 2023 taught us and what’s to come for couples saying “I do” in 2024?

Couples spent more than ever before

When compared with the average UK wedding budgets of 2021 and 2022, couples marrying during 2023 increased their spending. According to Bridebook’s UK Wedding Report 2023, the average cost of a UK wedding was £19,184.

Don’t worry if your own wedding budget doesn’t quite meet the national average. There are many ways to cut your wedding budget, with your choice of wedding venue, wedding date, and use of technology all paving the way for a more affordable celebration.

Tying the knot isn’t just a summer thing

Summer may be considered high season within the wedding industry, but couples marrying in 2023 stepped out of season to find a wedding date that worked for them, their schedules and their budgets. According to this research, a quarter of couples marrying in 2023 did so in March, April or May. A further 27% chose to host their weddings from September to November during 2023.

Marrying outside the capital will cut costs too

While the UK average was £19,184, couples in London spent much, much more – £9,901 more to be exact! Taking your search for a wedding venue outside the capital is a great way to lower costs, and there are yet more benefits to heading to the countryside to tie the knot as Want That Wedding details:

“Location is everything when it comes to a wedding. And the countryside has a lot to offer, from idyllic landscapes, rustic decor to dramatic and picturesque open spaces; a perfect setting for you and your guests to relax and unwind for the big day. There is also the opportunity to take amazing photos of every wedding moment, which is, without a doubt, one of the best things to cherish and share with your loved ones once the big day is over.”

Some wedding traditions are in, others less so…

Tradition played a key role in many UK wedding ceremonies and receptions but, in the spirit of personalisation, couples got selective about which traditions they featured in their wedding planning process and on the day timeline.

While technology can make planning your big day simpler, digital alternatives fell by the wayside when it came to sending wedding invitations, with more than 75% of couples in the UK choosing to send paper invites. The classic bouquet toss however was one tradition that wasn’t so popular during 2023, with just 12% of UK couples choosing to participate according to the same global study.

Couples are taking matters into their own hands

The number of couples planning their weddings without professional help increased for 2023, with 26% of those marrying last year taking on wedding planning solo and less than 4% hiring wedding planners.

The use of venue-supplied wedding coordinators however was on the rise, with 28% of couples appreciating this helping hand. Our Personal Wedding Managers are ready and waiting to assist couples marrying at any Country House Weddings venue, and can provide the support and guidance needed to make wedding planning a breeze.

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