Are Thursdays the New Sundays?!

Everybody wants to get married at the weekend, don’t they?! There are millions of statistics out there to support the fact that Saturdays are the most popular wedding day. Check out ‘Hitched – W.I.F.E‘ for the numbers. Saturdays are easy as most people are off work, most have Sunday to recover and it doesn’t conflict with Christian religious beliefs either. The problem with a Saturday wedding is the price tag that accompanies it! Sadly not all of us chose to save forever (those pairs of shoes had your name on them!). So where do we turn to next? Historically couples would immediately sight a Friday as the next best thing. It’s just one day off work and a whole weekend to recover! The difficulty being that the price tag still reflects the popularity. It is technically correct that a Friday is a weekday until you step into the world of weddings. The price difference between a Friday and Saturday is minimal and let’s face it, if you can afford it, why compromise? The next layer is where it gets interesting and the real debate begins:

Sundays – most are off work, you have Saturday to prepare…. but will your nearest and dearest make a sneaky early exit to make it home to catch a few Z’s before work on Monday?

Thursdays – book two days off work and make a lovely long weekend break, party hard on Thursday and you still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to recover…. but how many of your friends and family will sacrifice two precious days of annual leave to celebrate your moment in style?

At Country House Weddings, we are happy to say that the allure of our venues will draw couples seven days of the week but even we have noticed the shift in mindset! Are Thursdays the new Sundays?! Answers on Facebook please here!


I would suggest that my nearest and dearest would be there no matter what! Plenty of notice and they wouldn’t miss it for the world! It might even help trim the guest list in the long run!

Laura at Country House Weddings

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