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January 29th 2021
I’m engaged, who should I tell first?
Congratulations on your engagement! As well as not being able to stop looking at your hand, you’re…
Team CHW
January 15th 2021
Giving your bride a break from wedding planning
With InStyle recently reporting that a staggering 96% of engaged couples or newlyweds found wedding …
Team CHW
November 27th 2020
Shopping the sales: How to bag a bargain wedding dress
Wedding dress sample sales may be the stuff of dreams, thanks to discounts of between 50-70%, but sh…
Team CHW
September 25th 2020
Dressing bridesmaids with different shapes
Aside from finding a wedding dress that you love, brides everywhere have another dress dilemma to co…
Team CHW
August 7th 2020
How many dress fittings will I need?
Unbeknown to most brides, finding ‘the one’ is just the beginning. The vast majority of brides-t…
Team CHW
June 5th 2020
Stunning dress styles for plus-size brides
The importance of dressing your shape shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when choosing ensemb…

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April 24th 2020

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April 10th 2020

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March 27th 2020

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February 21st 2020

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February 14th 2020

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February 7th 2020
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