Accessories for the groom

Bride and groom with sun shining behind themA cursory glance at a wedding and one might think it’s all about the bride, but of course that is certainly not the case. A wedding is about two people in love, with both the bride and groom holding equal importance. When it comes to accessories for the groom, it may seem as if he need only think of choosing some cufflinks and a tie, but there is a lot more that goes into making the groom look his most handsome and dapper. We at Country House Weddings have some advice for you.

Beautiful Boutonniere’s

With the suit and shoes sorted, let’s begin with the most important accessory for the groom, his boutonnière. This simple embellishment for the lapel is always a good starting point when concentrating on accessories. First off, it’s beneficial to look at the overall colour scheme and style you and your bride are going for, as the boutonnière will be a neat and small, yet important addition to your weddings overall look. Traditionally, it would include one or two flowers, with one always coming from the bride’s bouquet. Your Wedding 101 gives a rundown of how to sort out the essentials, for example “the boutonnière is a great way to distinguish the groom from the groomsmen, especially if they’re wearing matching tuxedos. The groom’s boutonnière can be more lavish, have different flowers, different greenery (berries instead of ivy) or include a different color ribbon. A complete different style of boutonnière will also work well.”

For some inspiration, Gabriella Rello over at Brides has compiled a superb selection of boutonnière designs that range from the traditional to the avant-garde. Increasingly, grooms are opting for an element of individuality when choosing their boutonnière’s, as Gabriella says “Couples are swapping out the traditional floral boutonnière in place of something more understated. Pick a cool pin, like a mustache or arrows, or a meaningful family heirloom, like a vintage key, and accent with pale-hued berries, wheat, or greens.”

Choosing the Right Tie

Ranging from traditional cravats to preppy bow ties, the groom’s tie is definitely something to choose with care. It should, as with all other accessories, fit well with the theme and, more importantly, the bride, being an aesthetic addition that sits harmoniously with everything else. Of course, adding your own touch, your own flare to your tie is always to be encouraged.

For many men, ties can be tricky, so Plan Your Perfect Wedding has compiled a helpful bevy of information on how to get the tie perfectly secured and looking sharp – “Many men wear a suit and tie to work but you may want to do something special for your big day. Neck ties generally come in two sizes – standard and skinny. The trendy skinny tie looks best in the simple four-in-hand knot (the one you remember from school) however for a standard tie you should go for a Windsor knot.”

Stylish Cufflinks

the-kiss-1557581Cufflinks can often be the toughest call when picking out the right accessories, but don’t be too afraid, cufflinks are that one accessory where you can be a bit bold and unique. As Bridal Musings puts it – “Cufflinks are an essential part of formal dressing, and a great opportunity to show off your personality with your wedding day look. Choose between fun looks or dapper styles, or opt for something vintage with added meaning behind it. Whether you choose blue Lego blocks, simple silver pins, or the brass monogrammed pair passed down from your grandfather, make sure your cufflinks reflect you and your style.”

Those Little Additions

Additional accessories can also be added, such as a pocket square, much like the ties, a pocket square will make you look every inch the master groom, and give your wedding outfit a sublime air of gentlemanly brilliance. A wristwatch, or indeed pocket watch, if you’re going for that ultra-traditional look, is an accessory that often gets overlooked, but with the many styles and designs out there, it won’t be hard to find the ideal match to your outfit. For a country squire look, go for a vintage gold watch, with leather strap, or for something more contemporary, a manly stainless steel watch will set the tone perfectly.

Hopefully this advice will set you on the right path in choosing the most eye-catching accessories for your wedding.

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