Wedding invitation etiquette

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Most couples have many burning questions, in regards to their wedding invitations: when should you send your invites? What details should they include? What style is most appropriate? Below, we explore the answers to these common questions, giving you all the information you need for well-written, perfectly-styled wedding invites.

When should you send your invites?

Many ask, when should wedding invitations be sent out for the wedding day? Traditionally, invitations are sent six to eight weeks before the wedding, as this gives guests time to organise their travel, gifts, and outfits for the day.

Wedding invitation specifics

While you can get creative with some aspects of the content and style of your wedding invitations, a wedding invitation should include a few key basics: you should include you and your partner’s full names (and the names of your parents, if you are inclined), the date and time of the event, and where the event is being held (including a full address).

You may also like to include your desired dress code for your guests, especially if you are going for a quirkier wedding or a specific theme. In addition, you may also wish to include a clear map to your venue and details of the local transport. Other couples also like to include their schedule for the wedding day, as well as details on their organised entertainment.

The formal request

Wedding invitations are often composed with formal phrasing, as a wedding is such a significant event in people’s lives.

Wedding Paper Diva’s provide an example of what a formal wedding invitation may look like:

“Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nakagawa
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Alyssa Chiemi Nakagawa
To Stephen Michael Gallagher
Saturday, the eleventh of October
two thousand and fourteen
four o’clock in the afternoon
Saltwater Farm Vineyard
349 Williams Avenue
Stonington, Connecticut.”

The specifics of the invitation will vary, but a more formal invite tends to include the names of the parents and their request that the guests attend.

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Let the invites reflect your wedding style

Your invitations will provide your guests with a look into what your wedding will be like, so think carefully about the look you wish to convey. You may like to replicate your wedding colours in your invitations, or use imagery that reflects the theme of the day.

Seek inspiration

If you are unsure of how to write your invite, and you’d like to ensure that it reads well, let the internet show you how it’s done; there are many good examples of wedding invitations online. Having a browse of the content and style of other people’s wedding invites, will give you a good idea of what is and isn’t appropriate for your own invitations.

Getting your invites right

After you have chosen your invitation content and creative style, be sure that your invites include all the relevant information. Make sure you double check that everyone has an invite. In addition, be sure to proofread your final draft before it is finalised. Ensuring that you stick to the above tips, will guarantee you great wedding invitations for your wedding day.

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