Marriage advice for newlyweds

Bride and groom

When the warm glow of your wedding day has worn-off, how do you keep your relationship strong? We cover the key things to take into account when you’re a newlywed.

Have your own life

Studies have shown that couples who have a well-developed separate life from their other half are much happier than couples who fuse their social worlds together. It’s great spending time with your loved ones, but investing time in developing and strengthening your own social life, separate from your partners, will give you a sense of independence and will boost your well-being.

Couples that don’t spend all their spare time in each other’s pockets will also appreciate the time that they do have together more, and will find that irritations don’t stack up.

Organise your finances well

Money can have a big impact on your relationship, and key to ensuring your marriage stays healthy, is ensuring that you both manage your money well. A Plus covers the importance of organising your finances, “Money is the number one cause of divorce, so set yourself up for success right out of the gate. Meet with a financial planner to discuss your goals and how you can best achieve them. While you probably should have done this before getting married, figure out where each one is sitting in terms of debt and credit rating, and decide what to do about improving both of those.”

Avoid attacking your partner

When disagreeing, try not to attack each other’s character, or place blame on each other. Attacking each other in an argument will just cause stress, and built-up resentments that will take a toll on your relationship over time.  Work with the problem in front of you and direct your criticisms to the issue at hand, not at your partner.

Cuddling couple

Set aside quality time together

Busy schedules can mean that your relationship suffers, as you struggle to spend quality time together. Taking time out of your day, or week, to sit down and have dinner together will go a long way in nourishing your relationship.

Organise date nights

Scheduling regular date nights will also help keep your relationship romantic and exciting. Dressing up to go to dinner or to catch a film will keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Take the time to appreciate your partner

It can be easy to take your partner for granted, but ensuring that you take the time to appreciate them will go a long way in keeping you both happy in your relationship. Different people tend to express and feel appreciation in different ways; some people may show their love through physical acts, such as cooking meals, while other people may feel appreciated through words of affection. Understanding which ways of relating help your partner to feel most appreciated, will help nourish your connection and relationship with them.

Nourish your relationship

There are many ways to nourish your relationship with your partner, in order to ensure that you have a happy marriage. Addressing conflicts well, appreciating your partner, and carving out time to spend with them will go a long way in helping to keep your relationship healthy.

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