5 ideas for spring and summer bouquets

Beautiful wedding bouquet

When you are choosing a bouquet for what is the most important day in your life, you should do so in accordance with your personality. Here are 5 exciting ideas for spring and summer bridal bouquets. We hope that they will make your task a little bit easier and a great deal more fun; and that will help you match your bouquet with your wedding theme, with the season, weather, and with your own taste.

1. A classic – springtime roses

If you’re a lover of all things classic; and have by chance decided to marry in springtime, there is no better option for you than a gorgeous bouquet of springtime roses, combining the splendour of pink, ivory and white roses, with some touches of their corresponding green leaves.

Rose bouquet

2. Dried flowers

Dried flowers are the perfect choice for a country wedding with a touch of boho and vintage, preferably in the late summer, with its amazing languor and warm light.

If you have decorated your venue with burlap sacks and vintage props, such as wheelbarrows and perhaps even a horse carriage; a bouquet of dried flowers, with some wheat sprouts to boot, will be your ideal accessory.

If you go for a small bouquet of dried flowers, you will convey a sense of youth and freedom; whereas a bountiful bouquet will transmit an air of serenity and grounding. Both ideas are, indeed, perfect for a successful marriage.

Dried flowers bouquet

3. Gypsophila

These flowers fit an early summer wedding like a glove; not just because they are in season, but because they carry an aura of hope and simplicity.

You can combine a generous bouquet made only of gypsophila with a romantic, vaporous dress (preferably lacy); and a casual hairdo that emphasises your innocence. With this attire, your gypsophila bouquet will look like you’re wearing a bouquet made of clouds.

If, conversely, you are wearing a more classic dress, make sure to add a few bold flowers to your bouquet; to add some extra boldness like the one your dress is conveying.


4. Sunflowers

The summer flower is par excellence, especially if you are tying the knot on one of the warm summer days in July. They also add an extra touch of innocence to your outfit, given that yellow is often associated with youth.

Sun flowers

5. Palm Tree

As we said in the beginning, one important aspect to consider when choosing your bouquet is that it fits your personality. If you are a bold, confident person, you might want to choose a palm tree bouquet – few other plants convey exoticism and confidence like this one does.

You can go for small fanning palm tree leaves to frame an otherwise multicoloured bouquet, or also white palm tree leaves woven in an ornamental way, to form all sorts of shapes, such as a heart or a sun.

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