A stylish pocket square idea that is made for summer grooms

Stylish pocket squares for summer grooms.

While many may consider the pocket square as an accessory that time forgot, and choose not to wear one as a result, there is a sense of occasion that they certainly project. As with several fashion trends, however, the face of the pocket square is changing, meaning summer grooms can jazz up their style in the most unique way.

What is a pocket square?

Usually made from the finest of fibres, including silk, wool, wool blend and linen – discover more about the wedding fabrics you should know – the pocket square can add a stylish twist and a personalised touch to your wedding suit to keep your big day look smart and chic.

Pocket squares have a long history, and were thought to have first been worn by the ancient Egyptians. During this period, the highest in society would wear red-coloured bandages, similar to pocket squares, to flaunt their wealth. These days, pocket squares are great for informal and formal occasions, and used to showcase the style and personality of the wearer.

Pocket squares are widely worn with two- and three-piece suits making them a great choice for weddings. With this in mind, pocket squares are hugely popular accessories for grooms, groomsmen and guests. 

The choice of styles, colours and fabrics is limitless when choosing a pocket square that helps you stand out on your big day, but who said your pocket square had to be made of fabric?

What’s the trendiest alternative right now?

Fresh or faux flowers provide the perfect base for a stylish pocket square, with your chosen blooms able to complement your wedding attire and the wider theme of your special day.

The floral pocket square is becoming very popular, and is formally known as a ‘pocket boutonniere’. Use flowers and other foliage, such as twigs, leaves, ferns and greenery, to create a beautiful arrangement that fits perfectly into your suit pocket.

Going traditional with your pocket square?

If you’ve chosen to embrace more classic fabrics, instead of flowers, for your summer wedding, how you wear it is just as important as picking the perfect pocket square design.

Whether opting for formal or flamboyant styling, there are many (many) methods that’ll help you add that final flourish to your big-day ensemble. These include the presidential fold, puff fold, simple foldover, one-point fold, two-point fold, and the elegantly named ‘plop’.

We’ll let The Knot explain the golden rule for folding a pocket square, whichever style you go for:

“The pocket square should fill the width of the pocket, so if yours is a little too small, you may want to upgrade to a bigger one… The most important rule when wearing a pocket square: Make sure you’re comfortable and feel fantastic wearing it. Today, there are no hard-and-fast rules as to how to wear a pocket square, except that it should be kept clean and folded properly.”

Do you plan to personalise your pocket square? Create your very own wedding monogram to get started.

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