Bridesmaids’ dresses – trending ideas

The exhilaration of choosing outfits for your bridesmaids can exceed the fun of choosing your own wedding dress. Now that’s saying something! The reason for this is that choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses entails group work, and, why not, lots of chit-chat, laughter and great times spent with your best friends. At the end of the day, that’s why you chose them to be your bridesmaids.

Their dresses will be just as memorable as your own; and will be a very important part of your wedding photographs. In fact, the choice of bridesmaids’ attire can make or break the event. You might even decide to theme the entire wedding based on your own dress, and by extension, your bridesmaids’.

In this blog post we look at the latest trending ideas for bridesmaids’ dresses. You’ll realise how important this decision can be, as their dresses need to complement your own without overshadowing it; as well as fitting with the overarching theme of the wedding. Here are our favourite ideas for 2017.

1. Perfectly matched in pale pink

A group of bridesmaids wonderfully styled in pale pink is an absolute classic. This option is very popular due to its beauty and class. The colour pink makes it a perfect choice for a spring or early summer wedding, as the colour can easily be matched with the décor and the flowers. Pink conveys an atmosphere of glamour and elegance; with underlying notes of freedom, youth and femininity.

It is easily matched with other colours, such as ivory, white and pale blue, as well as grey or mint. As of late, the popularity of this colour theme has been boosted by colour expert Pantone, a company that declared “Rose Quartz” to be the colour of year 2016. The appeal of this soft pink is likely to linger well into 2017.

Bridesmaids in pink

2. Mix-and-match with vibrant colours

This bridesmaid theme is perfect for girls who “wanna have fun”. And, who doesn’t? Pulling it off is easy, and the process of picking the dresses can be turned into an extra “hen escapade”. All you need to do is meet with your besties on a Saturday morning, and spend the day picking dresses for each of you.

There are only two rules: Number one is that all dresses must feature bold, vibrant colours; and number two is that all dresses must be beautiful and show off each girl’s best attributes. The result is an absolutely striking bridesmaid party; ready for the fun of your big day.

Bridesmaids dresses multicoloured

3. Prints and block colour combination

This is an exquisite way of avoiding monotony among your bridesmaids, without compromising on any of the good taste and elegance.

The key for success, if you decide to go for this option, is to choose two or three different kinds of fabrics. One of them must be patterned boldly, including tones of the other two. Fabric number two must be a shade darker than fabric number three. All three of them must feature the same colour palette (say, mint green or purple, as in the picture).

If you are choosing only two fabrics, choose a patterned one and a plain one; making sure that the patterned fabric features the colour of the plain fabric.

Bridesmaids in print and block colours

4. Ladies in black

Black might sound like an unlikely choice for your bridesmaids’ attire. Your first instinct might be to think that black is best suited to the groomsmen. That is, of course, a preconceived idea. If you are willing to break the mould on your big day, you might be willing to suggest black as the perfect choice of colour for your bridesmaids.

The truth is that most of your friends will love you for this suggestion. As you know, black is known among the ladies for flattering all body types and skin tones. And of course, your bridesmaids want to feel beautiful. You may ask your bridesmaids to wear matching black shoes, or to pick different colour shoes. Perhaps, their shoes could match their bouquets, which is an excellent detail.

Black bridesmaids dresses are suitable both for summer and winter weddings (whereas paler colours might be more obviously suited to the summer months). These black dresses can easily be combined with a wide range of floral arrangements, including red, yellow and white flowers.

Bridesmaids in black

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