How to add a fabulous ’50s feel to your wedding

50s themed wedding

A vintage wedding has been one of the must-have looks in the wedding industry for some years now and signs of its popularity waning have not been spotted.

There are so many ways to inject a 50’s vibe into your Big Day. Of course, there’s the simple stylistic choices like selecting a vintage gown and having 50’s hair and makeup, not to mention cladding your glamorous bridesmaids out in tea length circle dresses with brightly coloured petticoats like those at Vivien of Holloway. However, there are some crucial, yet overlooked aspects of your wedding which you can adapt to make your 50’s theme really come to life.

Groom your groom

Whilst getting your outfit perfect is extremely important, making sure your groom is equally well suited and booted in keeping with your theme. Bow ties, tweed suits, slicked back hair and bi-coloured brogues for your groom and his party will enhance your wedding theme.


Depending on what 50s vibe you’re going for there are so many ways of decorating your venue. If you’re going for glamorous film noir 50s, you could get pictures of your favourite films blown up and dotted around your venue. Or, if you fancied more of a pre-biker makeover Sandra Dee wedding then brightly coloured balloons with streamers, bubblegum colours (not to mention bubble gum machines!), lace doilies and little pieces such as vintage mirrors, or ornaments placed around the venue in the restrooms on the gift table, etc. as an effective but simple finishing touch. If you have any old family wedding photos (particularly any from the 50s) then placing them in select areas will not only add to your theme but will also make the day feel like even more of a family occasion.


Again, this depends on the 50’s mood you are trying to recreate it. You could do Grease-style burgers and fries with milkshakes – in the style of an American diner, or you could do an elegant traditional classic dish like duck a l’orange with potato dauphinoise and green beans will go down a treat after a lightly spiced, creamy prawn cocktail with crisp shredded iceberg lettuce.


Choosing 50’s music, whether that’s in the form of a band, DJ or set list, is an excellent, not to mention easy, way to heighten your theme – as well as ensuring that you and your guests have a swinging time! Selecting the aspects to splash out on is difficult. And keeping the alcohol flowing  is definitely one of them, however booking an excellent band will make sure your wedding is a night everyone remembers!

Swinging Stationery

Whether you decide to go for 50’s movie-poster inspired invitations or simple vintage floral invitations, do not forget to overlook the other important stationery pieces like any signage in the venue and of course the table plan, table numbers or names and place names. There are plenty of gorgeous retro designs available or you go use on your invitations, save the dates, RSVPs and for all of your other pieces of stationery.

Champagne glasses

Welcome drinks

Classic cocktails, like Harvey Wallbangers and Gin Slings, will look excellent and really wow your guests! Particularly if they are served in vintage glasses

Iike 50’s style champagne glasses.


Sugared almonds appear to have had their day, however sweets are proving to be enduringly popular as they are cheap, colourful and easy to put together just the two of you at home in the weeks leading up to the wedding. @carouselweddings says, “Personalised favours are always a great way to differentiate your wedding” so if you do decide to stick with traditional sweets don’t forget to add a nod to who you are as a couple and what your big day represents for you. Cute labels and brightly coloured ribbon will add a stylish touch and you can choose accessories that instantly say 1950s like polka dot or gingham ribbon.

Fun Features

An ice cream bar or picnic area with gingham table cloths is a great way to surprise guests with your 50s theme. There are other ways to make sure your wedding looks truly 50s, for example, you could even state on your invitations that you want people to throw themselves into the mood of your wedding by dressing the part on your Big Day!

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