2019 wedding dresses set to include print and colour

Although 2019 might feel like a long way away for many, those planning to get hitched in a couple of years time will find the date rolls around all too quickly. For brides organising a 2019 wedding, looking ahead to future styles is essential if they want their décor, their menu and most importantly, their dress, to be right on trend.

Two trends that looks like they’re going to take the world of wedding dresses by storm are print and colour. Fun, stylish and unique, bright, colourful wedding dresses can help brides to really stand out from the crowd.

Coloured wedding dress

Why choose a coloured wedding dress?

Unless you’re a sucker for tradition, there’s really no need to stick to white or ivory. Just like Brides says “Colourful wedding dresses add a touch of personality and tons of modernity to an old-school tradition and prove to be a serious standout in a sea of white.” Choosing a dress in a subtle or bold tone could help you to feel more yourself on the day and ensure your personality shines through every aspect of your celebration.

coloured dressHow to choose a colour for your wedding dress

If you’ve always had a favourite colour, selecting a dress in that specific shade will be the obvious choice. Some bridal boutiques will be able to create a dress especially for you in your chosen tone. If not, they should have a small choice of pre-coloured gowns available for you to choose from.

If there’s no obvious colour choice for your wedding dress, the rainbow is your oyster. If you just want a subtle off-white shade, stick to a neutral or pastel palette focusing on colours like nude and pale pinks, blues, purples and greens. Alternatively, if you want to make a real statement as you walk down the aisle, why not go bright and bold? Wedding dresses in electric pinks and blues, rich reds and even black are all relatively easily available. Match your dress to your wedding colour theme, or vice versa, to ensure your day has a stylish unified look.

Print and wedding dresses

Brides who don’t want to go off-white altogether can opt to enhance and enliven their wedding dress by choosing a gown that incorporates a printed design. Floral patterns are a popular choice for brides who want to add a bit of colour and visual interest to their white dress. Floral prints can encircle the waist, cascade down the skirt or cover the entire outfit. If there’s another motif you’d like incorporated into your wedding dress, talk to your local bridal boutique about the available options.

As weddings continue to become more original, more unique and more creative, increasing numbers of brides will begin to shun traditional tones and go off-white instead. Find out more about other future and current wedding trends by exploring our site today.

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