The dreamy details that will complete your bridal look

When it comes to creating your wedding day look, your bridal gown sits centre stage. There are a number of wedding dress style trends to explore for 2018, but your gown isn’t the only thing that needs careful consideration in the run up to your big day. Your bridal accessories play their own parts in completing your wedding look, and just like the style trends that evolve from year to year, accessory trends also change.

Bridal accessories

There are a diverse range of bridal accessory trends that have the potential to finish your wedding day look down to the very last detail. Find the perfect bridal accessories for you and complement your wedding day theme with the hottest trends for 2018.

Make your look out of this world

It appears One Fab Day was right when they predicted that the celestial bridal style would be in this year, but the use of stars and moons isn’t just restricted to quirky, alternative wedding gowns:

“We called it way back in January, when celestial bridal style made our list of the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018, and now, we’re seeing star and moon prints all over the place! Not that we’re complaining – this look is really setting our hearts aflutter! It’s an alternative to lace and florals that’s every bit as romantic, and while you can always go for the zodiac princess look with a star wedding dress (in fact, we highly recommend it!), you can also make a subtle nod to the trend with pretty accessories!”

Celestial headpieces are the perfect accessory for wedding gowns of the same style. Those opting for a more traditional dress will also find star-, moon- and sun-adorned accessories the ideal way to add some sparkle to their ensemble.

Do a Meghan Markle and go embroidered

If the Duchess of Sussex can do it, so can you! Embroidered veils were a key trend before the royal wedding and are likely to stay big news for the rest of the year.

Embroidered veils are a great way to add a personalised yet subtle touch to your wedding day look. The possibilities are endless, with on-trend brides opting to have the lyrics from a favourite song, their wedding date, or their initials stitched in to create a statement piece. Personalised embroidered veils are perfect keepsakes too, with many brides choosing to frame it after their big days are done and dusted.

Belt accessory

Remember layering isn’t just reserved for winter

In previous seasons, it was fashionable to take a minimalist approach to jewellery, but things are a little different in 2018. The layering trend is no new thing but its introduction to the wedding fashion world certainly is cutting edge. Layering takes minimal jewellery and multiplies it to ensure a truly chic and stylish finish.

Keep your earrings big and bold

Going standout with your earring choice is another option, and can provide a great addition to your bridal look. Harper’s Bazaar reveals their rundown of statement earrings to wear on your wedding day.

You’ve got your wedding gown and bridal accessories sorted. That means it’s time to tick another task off your list by discovering the most charming bridal hair and beauty trends for 2018.

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