Guide to winter wedding warmers – from faux fur stoles to pashminas

As @OneFabDay says, “Winter weddings can be utterly magical and romantic, but there are a few inevitable issues that go hand in hand with weddings held during the darker months.” Of all these challenges, the biggest is probably the weather.

Winter wedding tips

Rain, snow and icy winds can play havoc with coiffed hair and specially chosen gowns. This can make life difficult for both the bride and her guests, and can make choosing an outfit a real challenge. Luckily, with a little extra thought and planning, preparing for all weather eventualities should be easy. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to get your started.

Faux fur

Faux fur stoles are perfect for sumptuous winter weddings. Invest in stoles for all of the bridal party so that you and your bridesmaids will be kept warm even in the worst of winter weather. You can either buy matching stoles for everyone or you can vary the colour to complement different outfits and skin tones. You could also consider buying stoles for your mum, your mother-in-law and other important guests at the wedding.


If you want to keep your guests warm and provide them with thoughtful wedding favours, pashminas are a perfect choice. Place a pashmina on every woman’s chair to help keep them warm when icy winds bite. This is a good idea for weddings that are taking place partly, or entirely outdoors as guests are likely to get chilly in bad weather. At the end of the wedding, guests can take their pashminas home with them as wedding favours. For male guests, you can provide a scarf, or a woollen hat and keep everyone toasty.

Denim jacket

Brides who want an alternative look at their wedding can opt for a denim jacket on their big day. This is perfect if you want a more bohemian look and will work well with a variety of themes. Invest in jackets for all the bridal party to give your photos a unique aesthetic. If you don’t like the idea of denim jackets, you could wear a leather jacket or even a blazer instead.

Colour coordinated cardigans

If you’re not expecting the weather to be absolutely freezing on your wedding day, a cardigan might be enough to keep the worst of the chill at bay. You can transform this practical addition into a stylish accessory by choosing different coloured cardigans for all of the members of your bridal party. As well as looking great in photos, this will help each of your bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd.

With a little bit of thought and planning, winter weddings can be truly spectacular. Find out more, or explore our wonderful wedding venues, by taking a look around our site today.

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