Proposal season is here!

Here at Country House Weddings, our stunning venues have set the backdrop for countless magical weddings. Whether a wedding is big and elaborate or intimate and personal, the whole amazing journey begins with a proposal, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the start of proposal season!

In this blog post, we reveal why now is the best time to get down on one knee as well as share the signs that say you’re ready to ask that special someone one huge question…

Why now’s the best time to propose

With a whopping 37% of proposals taking place between now and February, it’s safe to say that proposal season is well and truly upon us. The run-up to Christmas, the New Year, Valentine’s Day and all the bits in between are utterly romantic, so we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to pop the question.

Maybe it’s the cold weather that makes us want to cosy up even more or the holiday vibes that always come with the festive season that gets everyone in the mood. Whatever the reason, it’s a fantastic time to propose.

The winter season also provides some stunning natural scenery, with snow-covered green spaces the perfect places to get down on one knee.

The most popular dates to pop the question

Every couple will have their own idea of what makes the perfect proposal. Setting a date that’s extra romantic or significant to you both is preferred by most, and proposal season offers plenty of food for thought. The Marriage Proposal Survey revealed the most popular dates to propose after asking 7,000 people from across the UK:

“With the festivities and joy of the Christmas period and New Years celebrations, it’s no wonder that this time is the busiest time of year for people to get down on one knee and pop the question. Of all, Christmas Eve is the most popular date to ask, with nearly a third of all the people surveyed choosing that day to propose– topping the 30% that opted for Valentine’s Day! Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve proved popular too, with 13% and 9%, closing followed with 6% choosing Halloween as the best time to get engaged.”

How you know that the time is right

Before you pick a date and plan your proposal, being sure that proposing is the right thing for you both is vital. As well as being in a great place in your relationship, being ready for marriage relies on a number of factors.

Being honest with each other about your financial situations may not be the most romantic sign that you’re ready to propose, but it’s essential if you want to graduate from partners to spouses. Money after all matters, especially when it comes to the important business of wedding planning.

Knowing each other’s ambitions and future plans is another sign that the next natural step is marriage. Being on the same, or at least complementary, paths will ensure your relationship can grow, and if marriage is a part of that then that’s great!

The blessing of others – including your parents, other family members and close friends – may also matter when deciding whether to take the leap into married life. Your nearest and dearest will not only be wedding guests but a great source of support in the run-up to your wedding day and long after.

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