Should I wear wedges at my wedding? Shoes style for 2021

Even though your wedding shoes may only poke out from under your gown a few times during the day, finding footwear you love is essential for your walk down the aisle.

Whether you always wear high heels, can’t get enough of trainers or want to say your ‘I Dos’ in wedges, finding shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable will help you feel fantastic on your big day.

What about your venue?

Before you get lost in a world of shoe shops and style magazines, take a minute to think about the lay of the land at your chosen venue.

As @WeddingWire points out “It’s important to note what kind of venue you’ve chosen when selecting the footwear for your big day. After all, walking down Brighton’s pebbled beach to take wedding photos would be pretty tough in a pair of stilettos.”

If you’re getting hitched outside, find out how soft the ground is leading up to your altar. If you’re getting married in an historic building, find out if they have any restrictions on heels or other types of footwear.

Going traditional

While different trends are always making waves in the world of wedding shoes, there’s no denying that most brides still opt for fairly traditional footwear.

White and ivory heels continue to be incredibly popular, with most brides opting for a pretty simple shoe design.

If you want a traditional look with a modern twist, you could choose shoes in white or ivory with diamante or embroidered embellishments.

Nude shoes

Nude shoes are another great option for brides looking for an understated look. Nude shoes will more or less fade into the background, allowing you, and your dress to take centre stage.

Nude shoes are now available in a huge choice of styles, so finding the pair that’s perfect for your outfit should be easy.

Quirky shoes

If you want something a little bit different, you could forsake white, ivory, and nude and opt for something a little quirkier instead. If you’ve chosen a colour theme for your wedding, you could choose shoes that match your palette.

If you really want to express your personality through your footwear, design your own wedding shoes and walk up the aisle wearing something truly unique.

Flats, heels or wedges?

When it comes to choosing a style for your wedding shoes, it should come down to your personal preference and comfort.

Remember, you’ll be standing, walking, and dancing in these shoes for hours, so it’s essential they don’t rub or pinch your feet on the day.

Flats are a good choice if your feet won’t be seen and if you want to ensure you’re comfortable. If you’re not used to high heels, but still want to elongate your legs, opt for wedges.

Providing you with a more stable base, wedges will help to ensure you don’t come a cropper on your big day.

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