8 seasonal flowers that’ll make your autumn wedding

Fresh flowers have a wide range of wonderful uses at the average wedding. They can be used to adorn wedding cakes, decorate ceremony seating and reception tables in the most beautiful ways, and even create boho-inspired floral hairstyles for the bride and her bridesmaids.

However, you’re choosing to use fresh flowers on your special day. When selecting the perfect blooms it certainly pays to select seasonally. But it’s not just your wedding budget that will breathe a sigh of relief at your choice as Engage Weddings details:

“If a flower is blooming in gardens around you and you also have it in your bouquet, the chances are it could have been grown in the UK because it’s obviously in season here. If so, this means fewer air or road miles and a shorter trip from field to florist and therefore a fresher bloom for your wedding – and long after… Great news for your wedding’s carbon footprint!”

Alongside the financial and environmental plus-points of going seasonal with your wedding flowers, the flowers themselves will be more beautiful than ever. They’ll capture the time of year you’re marrying in perfectly as well as be at their blooming best.

With autumn now officially here there are new varieties of seasonal flowers to play with. We take a look at the seasonal flowers that’ll make your autumn wedding.

1. Alstroemeria

These beautiful blooms are staples in summer gardens but thanks to their extended growing season, you get to enjoy them all autumn long.

Alstroemeria – also known as the Peruvian Lily – is available in all the best autumn colours, including purple, red, orange and classic white. Their unique speckled, blotched and striped details add interest and texture wherever they’re placed.

Alstroemeria looks great in rustic bouquets and vibrant floral displays at weddings of all sizes and styles.

2. Bouvardia

With its defined tube shape and dainty star-shaped flower, Bouvardia is a delicate number that makes a big impact at autumn weddings.

Again these are available in a wide variety of colours, including pink, white, cream, peach, green, red and lilac, making them a popular wedding flower across all themes and colour schemes. They’re traditionally used in bridesmaid bouquets but work wonders in flower arrangements, centrepieces and bridal bouquets.

3. Carnation

Carnations are often given a bad rep, but this traditional bloom is a great option for autumn weddings, whether used as spray or the iconic large, single flowers.

Each colour of carnation carries a particular meaning. White symbolises luck and pure love, and red means deep love and affection, both of which are rather fitting for weddings.

4. Dahlia

Those looking to add a bit of drama to their bouquets and floral arrangements will want to choose dahlias, which are also seasonal to autumn.

Dahlias certainly turn heads thanks to their dramatic, round flowers and stunning symmetry. They’re commonly teamed with garden roses and hellebores to create a romantic, natural display.

5. Freesia

This highly scented seasonal flower is the perfect choice for bouquets, all-natural cake toppers, buttonholes, and corsages. The bloom originates from South Africa, but is a popular wedding flower all over the world, especially in the UK.

Freesias can be used to create a pretty focal point or to accompany other, more prominent flowers, filling the bouquet to add texture, radiance and of course romance. They’re available in several colours, such as red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and white.

6. Hypericum

Hypericum is a very popular filler for autumn arrangements, with its bright berries promoting a very seasonal vibe for autumn and winter. This textural addition is perfect for bouquets and buttonholes, adding interest and a pop of colour to liven up classic schemes or consolidate more vibrant themes.

7. Marigold

Couples wishing to go bigger and brighter with their autumn wedding displays will love the vibrancy of Marigold.

Traditionally used in Indian weddings and Diwali celebrations, Marigold’s daisy-like appearance is now a hit on the autumn wedding scene here in the UK, with the golden yellow, burnt orange and deep pink varieties prized more this season than any other.

8. Roses

Roses are always popular wedding flowers, and with many in season during early autumn, you’ll find lots of beautiful varieties to choose from. For the ultimate autumn vibe, team roses with ranunculus blossoms in jewel tones for lavish arrangements that are perfect for decorating your ceremony or reception space.


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