Wedding guest books – a thing of the past or a memento every couple should covet?

When planning your wedding timeline, you’re certain to have 101 things to tick off your list. Whether you’re hosting an intimate occasion or an extravagant affair, however, those little touches have a bigger impact than you think.

One of the many timeless touches marrying couples choose to include on their big days is a wedding guest book. But is a wedding guest book a thing of the past or a memento that every couple should covet?

What exactly is a wedding guest book?

If you’re undecided about whether you should include a wedding guest book on your special day, understanding what a guest book is and what it can offer is important. Here The Knot offers a succinct explanation:

“In the most literal and traditional form, a wedding guest book is a bound book that friends, family members and other wedding guests can sign their names in and write well-wishes or words of wisdom for the newlyweds. It serves as a tangible keepsake of your wedding day and a log of the people that were there to celebrate with you and your new spouse.”

Guest books were traditionally introduced to the wedding scene as a way for guests to impart their wisdom about what makes a successful marriage. Thankfully, these days providing advice is optional!

Featuring sweet notes and well-wishes for you on your wedding day, a guest book is a keepsake that can be revisited long after you’ve tied the knot and an ideal way to reminisce about all that was great about this special milestone.

What other plus points are there to having a guest book?

Having a tangible ‘log’ of your wedding day may seem like a paper trail too far but it’s a memento that couples look back on fondly. With a book, you also get to enjoy a clutter-free keepsake that fits neatly on your bookshelf and can be pulled out and adored whenever you see fit.

As your family expands, a guest book can provide all the inspiration you need to tell the story of your special day, sharing the moments and memories that can often be overlooked when browsing a wedding album.

Guests also love using guest books and enjoy writing their own mini-story of your wedding day leaving you to soak it all up at a later date.

How can I incorporate a guest book into my wedding day?

Whilst there are tons of beautiful bound books – many of them personalised – that make the perfect wedding guest books, you don’t have to stick with tradition. The couples of today are experimenting with alternative guest book ideas to ensure a treasured keepsake that has their names written all over it.

Create your own unique piece of art with your guest book. The fingerprint tree guest book, peg and string frame wedding guest book and heart drop guest book box all offer creative ways to allow your guests to leave their mark and they will look fantastic on display in your home.

If you love your board games, you can transform classic games into unique guest books with Jenga and Connect4 inspired books.

When creating a wedding guest book that’s unique, fun and will be forever adored, anything’s possible!

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