Your wedding anniversary: A guide to those major milestones

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Whether you’re celebrating just one year of marriage or many more, marking the occasion with a special gift will show your spouse just how much they mean to you even after you’d said those I do’s.

Whilst every wedding anniversary is as special as the last, there are a number of major milestones that are worth going one extra for.

Traditionally, each year of married bliss is marked by a particular theme, which can provide great sources of inspiration for gift buying. Here we take a closer look at these major milestones and accompanying themes as well as reveal the perfect present for each occasion.

Your 1st anniversary – Paper

After spending big on your wedding day and honeymoon last year, many couples breathe a sigh of relief when discovering that paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary.

This seemingly simple material however has a very special meaning traditionally. We’ll let MyDayRegistry explain more about the powerful symbolism behind a paper gift:

“Essentially, the paper serves as a reminder that you’re writing the story of your lives together, page by page. Your first anniversary marks the completion of the first ‘chapter’ in your marriage. Additionally, paper is delicate and fragile, and this serves as a reminder that your new marriage, while still strong, will require a lot of work to keep it that way. Things are still new because –in a sense– the ink hasn’t completely dried yet.”

Get creative with your gift choice by giving your spouse a ticket to one of our Dinner Date events. Available across all our wedding venues, a Dinner Date event is a perfect way to mark your first wedding anniversary. For couples who tied the knot at a Country House Weddings venue, attending a Dinner Date event is a great opportunity to return to the place where married life began and reminisce.

Your 5th anniversary – Wood

After five years, you’re certain to have developed roots that strengthen your relationship and cement the foundation of a happy marriage. So, it seems rather fitting that wood is the traditional gift for this milestone.

There are tons of wooden gift ideas out there just waiting to be explored, from wooden photo frames to display venue prints and keepsake boxes to store your treasured memories to engraved wooden signs that can be personalised with your anniversary date or even the coordinates of the place you first met.

Your 10th anniversary – Tin

As a metal that doesn’t rust or wear with time, tin is the ultimate symbol of preservation. Celebrate your decade of marriage by gifting a personalised anniversary tin full of your partner’s favourite things or upgrade to a precious metal by choosing a piece of fine jewellery.

Your 15th anniversary – Crystal

As a symbol of clarity and transparency, crystal is traditionally associated with the 15th wedding anniversary. Mark the milestone by purchasing champagne complete with personalised labels from us and invest in some crystal flutes to toast your marriage in style.

Your 25th anniversary – Silver

Celebrate a quarter of a century of marriage by gifting a beautiful piece of silver jewellery. You may also be looking for an occasion to show off your new jewellery piece. Return the favour by treating your spouse to tickets to our annual Winter Ball and enjoy some quality time together as well as a little glitz and glam.

Your 50th anniversary – Gold

Your golden wedding anniversary can be celebrated similarly but this time, make it a gift of gold.

Gold pendants, rings and other jewellery pieces are among the most popular 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Those wanting to think outside the box could gift a cushion personalised with their golden wedding anniversary date, a gold face mask (yes, really!) for the ultimate indulgence, or even a yellow gold rose so you can watch your love bloom for years to come.

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