The ultimate guide to planning a holiday proposal

Proposal season may have been and gone, but if you’re whisking your partner away on holiday this summer, your chosen destination may just provide the perfect backdrop to get down on one knee. There are many more fantastic reasons to propose on holiday, TUI shares why proposing on holiday really is the best idea:

“It’s a psychological thing: as soon you put your out-of-office on, you become more relaxed. And on holiday, that big moment of proposal can’t be scuppered by one of you forgetting to put the bins out or not emptying the dishwasher. All you have to worry about is hunkering down on a sun lounger and having a lovely, romantic old time. Well, that and them actually saying ‘yes’.”

From Venice, Rome and proposal hotspot Paris to far-flung locations like the Maldives, Bora Bora and Seychelles, the world is full of the most romantic destinations. Whether it’s a sandy beach or a snowy mountain that will make your partner’s heart flutter, you’ll want to read the following tips before planning your holiday proposal.

Stow that sparkler with care

If you’re jetting off to your chosen destination this summer, there’s one thing that should definitely be hiding in your suitcase – the engagement ring. When packing that sparkler do so with safety and security in mind. Pack it in your hand luggage to keep it close to you at all times but be discreet (but not suspicious) with how you store it. You don’t want your holiday proposal plans to be scuppered by a baggage search.

If you do get stopped by customs for an inspection, ask for your luggage to be searched in a private room away from prying eyes to ensure the ring isn’t put in full view of your future fiancée.

Propose in those first few days

Dragging your proposal out to the end of the holiday will not only make the whole experience more stressful for you – they’ll be more time to mull over those final details – you’ll have to think about how to store your ring securely when at your hotel or out sightseeing.

We recommend proposing during the first few days of your holiday to ensure that sparkler can take pride of place on your partner’s finger, leaving you to enjoy that just engaged feeling together for the remainder of your trip.

Always have a plan B

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, especially if you’re organising your big proposal in a destination that you aren’t overly familiar with. Having a plan B ready and waiting will ensure your proposal can still go ahead, even if the weather doesn’t play ball or the romantic restaurant you had in mind doesn’t have availability.

Don’t go it alone

Working with your hotel before you jet out to your destination is a great idea for planning an extra special proposal with a little local knowledge. Many hotels have concierge services that would be more than happy to help you turn those engagement plans into a very romantic reality.

Keep things personal

When planning a proposal that’s memorable and extra special, always have what is important to you and your partner in mind. The most romantic proposals aren’t flashy or expensive, and with the right destination, you’ll be spoilt for choice when selecting the perfect place to pop the question.

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