How to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint

Sustainability is more important than ever. The eco-friendly touches that are crucial for the environment can be added to every part of our everyday lives, but also to those once-in-a-lifetime occasions that mean so much.

The benefits of going sustainable for your special day and reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding will make the occasion even more memorable, magical and, of course, conscious. Many of the eco-friendly wedding ideas featured below are also extremely budget-friendly, which means everyone (including the environment) wins!

Read on to discover the green wedding ideas that will make your big day as sustainable as it can be.

Upcycle – everything!

Upcycling is one trend that has been huge news in recent years, and the same thrifty attitude can be taken when planning the little and big touches that make your wedding day. Use ‘something old’ to craft everything from your table centrepieces to your confetti, and don a hand-me-down or rental wedding gown to upcycle to perfection.

Go eco with your favours

Favours don’t have to be bits of tact that end up in the bin! They can be just as conscious and thoughtful as the rest of your special day.

There are many eco-friendly wedding favours that will make your guests and the planet very happy indeed, from grow-your-own herb kits and wildflower seed bombs to bamboo straws and reusable tote bags personalised with your wedding date and names.

Use your surroundings well

One of the many perks of heading to the country to find your dream wedding venue is the scenic surroundings that can be enjoyed both inside and out. The timeless wedding venues found in the UK’s rural idylls – just like our country houses! – offer charming settings to say “I do” and they need very little embellishment to get them ready for their closeup.

By using your surroundings to your advantage and minimising your use of additional wedding decorations, you can save valuable money and resources as well as cut your carbon footprint dramatically.

Say your vows outdoors

Speaking of using your wedding venue well, taking your ceremony outdoors is a great opportunity to encourage sustainability and bag some spectacular wedding photographs. What’s more beautiful than nature after all?

By marrying outdoors at one of our wedding venues, you can lower the amount of energy that’s used, especially when it comes to lighting.

Invest in ethical blooms

One part of your wedding day that’s incredibly wasteful is the use of flowers. Fresh blooms are traditionally used throughout the wedding ceremony and reception spaces as aisle and table decorations.

They’re also carried by the bride and bridesmaids, and worn as buttonholes by the groom and his party. Thankfully, there are many alternatives that make the use of flowers at a wedding more sustainable, and it all begins with how they’re sourced as SustainablyChic details:

“The most helpful thing you can do is look for flowers grown by local farmers. This reduces carbon emissions, supports the local economy, and gives you beautiful bouquets that last longer. Keep in mind, just because a store is local doesn’t mean their flowers are. Ask your florist if their flowers are locally sourced. If they are not, ask them to source their blooms from local farmers.”

In addition to going local, choosing seasonal varieties is better for the planet and for the longevity of your arrangements. Dried flowers can also be used as beautiful alternatives for bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces.

After your big day, your wedding flowers can be recycled and turned into potpourri, soaps, candles, bath bombs and dried keepsakes for a completely eco-conscious lifecycle.

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