Summer wedding essentials: How to throw your guests some shade

Summer wedding essentials for your guests.

The recent heatwave may have been glorious for a family picnic or a well-timed BBQ in the backyard, but hot weather can result in more challenges than rewards on the biggest day of your life. Blue sky days and sunny backdrops make great pictures of course but without the right supplies to hand, the hot, sticky conditions can take their toll leaving everyone uncomfortable and a little worse for wear.

Here we share our top tips for protecting your guests during the height of summer and reveal the hot weather essentials that you should make room for in your wedding budget.

Provide some light refreshments

Our venues are well-prepared for everything the great British weather has to throw at you on your wedding day. During warmer days, our team is on hand to provide some light refreshments. Whilst our Pimms, cocktail or Prosecco stands, and ice cream trike, allow guests to help themselves to those cooling treats. Vogue shares another great, budget-friendly idea for keeping guests cool and thoroughly hydrated on your wedding day:

“Instead of passing out glasses of bubbly as your guests arrive, I’d recommend having decorative pitchers of fruit-infused ice water at the entrance of your outdoor ceremony. Since some fruit, like watermelon and mango, can help reduce body temperature, guests can settle down in their seats with a drink that’ll keep them cool while you say ‘I do’.”

Give guests the coverage they need

With our ceremonies taking place between 1pm and 3pm, your guests will certainly be grateful for a little extra coverage if one of your outdoor wedding ideas is to tie the knot within the grounds. During the hottest part of the day, seeking shade is recommended, and that’s where our branded umbrellas come in!

All Country House Weddings venues have umbrellas that you can hire or purchase. Our umbrellas may be a popular way to keep guests dry, but they also deliver ample protection from the sun, making them the ideal investments for couples getting married with us during summer. They make great mementos for the bride and groom as well as those wedding VIPs too.

Available in elegant white and finished with gold embellishments, our beautifully designed umbrellas complement any wedding colour scheme or theme.

Turn your hot weather extras into favours

If you’re looking for last-minute inspiration for your wedding favours, take a hint from the weather! Wedding favours can after all be practical.

From customised sunglasses and hats to handheld fans personalised with your married name and wedding date, the possibilities are endless and guests will be eternally grateful for this creative take on the classic wedding favour.

Gift a summer wedding survival kit to your VIPs

Why not go one better for your bridal party and put together a summer wedding day survival kit? Think mini bottles of sun lotion, travel-size deodorants and cooling mist sprays. These heatwave-friendly extras could just help your bridesmaids stay cool so they can enjoy your special day just as they should do.

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