Autumn florals – here’s why you should go dried

Autumn florals – you should go dried

While hosting your wedding outdoors may be off the menu due to the cooling weather conditions, letting nature influence your wedding theme and colour scheme is a must. The autumn season offers inspiration aplenty, whether you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your big day ensemble or your colour scheme.

The transition from summer to autumn provides a myriad of beautiful colours to enjoy amongst other things, with the entire season delivering earthy and romantic undertones as well as warming colours like rich burgundy, deep purple, burnt orange, marigold yellow and forest green. 

Your bouquets, buttonholes and floral arrangements offer the ideal opportunity to showcase your love affair with autumn colours. But, instead of reaching for the freshest, in-season flowers to create something special, why not go dried?

In this blog post, we share all the plus-points of choosing dried florals for your autumn wedding…

The possibilities really are endless

Just like fresh arrangements, dried flowers have the power to transform every part of your wedding day. They can be used throughout your scheme, with the smallest touches and the largest installations able to be given that rustic, bohemian edge.

They’re more than just great to look at

Dried arrangements deliver on all fronts. As well as being a joy to look at, the texture they offer is a cut above that provided by fresh flowers. The result? Displays that are more voluminous, interesting and intriguing.

They pair perfectly with on-trend schemes

Whether you’re going bright and beautiful or dark and moody, dried arrangements are the perfect complement.

For brides and grooms looking to wow with metallics, dried florals are a match made in heaven, with the hottest metallic of the season really able to come into its own with a little help from dried flowers. Here Brides explains how to use copper at your autumn wedding to ensure truly showstopping tablescapes:

“You know we had to get a metallic in the mix. Copper is gorgeous any time of year, but in fall it really heightens the sensory experience. Copper is stunning in a tablescape whether utilised as a vase to house decadent blooms or to make a subtle appearance in your flatware. It can be paired with earth tones, scarlet, and saffron hues, but it also works well with deep, moody blues and purples.”

They’re made to last

The longer lifespan of your dried arrangements means less of a headache for you and your florist. Fresh flowers perish within a week, even with the very best care. But, with dried blooms, there’s no risk of dehydrated and deflated bouquets or centrepieces making an appearance on your wedding day.

In fact, even long after your wedding day, your dried arrangements will continue to wow. Many newlyweds repurpose their dried flowers in the home, meaning an elegant keepsake that’s eco-friendly too.

They’re more cost effective than going fresh

While dried arrangements are becoming more and more popular, they remain much more cost effective than fresh or ‘living’ flowers. As a result, you’ll have more money left in your wedding budget to spend on other parts of your special day.

Dried flowers not for you? Check out these alternative bouquets for inspiration.

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