Most Outrageous Wedding Dance Routines Ever Seen!

When you’ve booked a fantastic DJ, such as Party Events Unlimited, anything is possible! Crazy dance routines are occurring more frequently, and are quickly becoming a wedding tradition in their own right. Here are seven of our favourite wedding dance routines ever seen, from mother and son routines, to hilarious first dances, this list has it all!

  1.  These Groomsmen’s Interpretation of Single Ladies by Beyoncé

 There’s no shortage of wedding dance videos featuring Beyoncé’s hit single, All The Single Ladies. It’s a popular choice for Grooms planning a surprise dance, thanks to the lyrics; “if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it”. He just did, okay? This video happens to be one of the best, and probably the most hilarious:


  1. This Crazy Mother and Son Dance Routine

 Mother and son dance videos tend to be one extreme or the other – they’ll either blow you away, or make you cringe! Thankfully, the next video is one of the best. The groom and his mother perform a mashup of songs, with everything from Gangnam Style to NSync. The routine is well choreographed, is executed to perfection, and is sure to put a big smile on your face.


  1. A Traditional Indian Wedding Transitions into Gangster Rap

The next dance certainly surprised the guests at the couple’s traditional Indian wedding. It starts with traditional, Indian music, and their wedding guests overlook the bride and groom’s cheeky smiles as they snap photos of them enjoying their first dance. As the song draws to a close, the DJ mixes it into California Love by Tupac and Dr. Dre. You can hear the guests’ reaction as the traditional music is seamlessly mixed with gangster rap for yourself, just watch the video here:


  1. Thriller, One of the Original Viral Wedding Videos

The next video is one of the original wedding dance videos to emerge on YouTube, and was first posted in 2006. Despite the overwhelming number of similar videos posted since then, this remains one of the best. It involves the entire wedding party, surprising guests with an extremely well coordinated and entertaining version of this well-loved Michael Jackson song. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below:


  1. This Bride’s Performance of Beyoncé’s Love on Top

Another Beyoncé song next, this time her recent hit, Love on Top, features in a Bride’s surprise dance for her new husband. The video starts with the couple’s first dance, before the bride leads the groom to a chair on the corner of the dancefloor for his surprise. Her bridesmaids join her as the song begins, and the look on the groom’s face is priceless! Skip to 1:25 in the video to see the start the secret performance:


  1. A Couple’s Break from Tradition – a First Dance with a Twist

Another classic first dance video, it’s hard to imagine a list of wedding dance routines without including this one! The dance starts with the newlyweds slow dancing to Unchained Melody, a typical first dance song. Then the music cuts out, and the bride and groom show off some impressive acting skills, leading their guests to think that there’s a technical issue with the music. Then, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot kicks in, and the couple break into one of the most outrageous first dance routines ever witnessed:


  1. This Groom Surprises His New Wife with A Hilarious Rendition of One Direction

The final video was shared on YouTube recently by the groom, Seth Fickett, and has received almost 500,000 views in the first two months. He asked his brother to choreograph a dance routine to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, and rehearsed it during his bachelor party. The results are hilarious and the bride, Natalie, didn’t suspect a thing!

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