What to wear to a wedding

Wedding couple sat on a bench

Wedding season has arrived and figuring out what to wear is a big worry for many wedding guests. As blogger, designer and stylist Christina Dueholm notes: “It’s quite difficult to find the perfect dress and the rules are strict – you can’t wear white and you can’t wear a dress prettier than the bride herself”. No need to fret, our post has got you covered. Below, we’ll explore wedding attire etiquette and appropriate and stylish choices for men and women.

Important colour rules

There are some key colour rules that you need to abide by when attending a wedding. Most importantly, you must make sure that you shun white so as to avoid drawing any attention from the bride. In addition, traditionally it was seen as inappropriate to wear black to a wedding, and you may wish to double check with the bride and groom before donning your black formal attire.

Dress modestly

Another key wedding rule to follow: make sure that you dress smartly without showing too much skin. Wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline, high hemline, and bodycon fit, is a big wedding faux pas. While a little bit of sex appeal is appropriate, avoid stealing the show from the bride.

In addition, wearing a very bright colour or accessorising with a very fancy accessory, such as a tiara, may also steal the bride’s thunder. When in doubt, keep your look subtle.

Stylish ladies

You should aim to dress formally for a wedding – pretty florals and sweet pastels are risk-free, fashionable choices for women’s wedding wear. Floating maxi dresses, long formal skirts and blouses are lovely choices for the spring and summer. In the colder months, a well-fitted formal dress, in a rich shade, will make a great impression on fellow wedding guests.

In terms of comfort and practicality, as chic as a clutch bag can be, you’ll want to make room for your champagne glass and slice of wedding cake, so it may be more practical to opt for a strappy handbag. Furthermore, high heels look fabulous, but you may want to slip some flats into your bag for later.

Dapper gentlemen

Casual or suited up, you’ll want to look smart and well put together. A well fitted suit with some smart shoes is always a safe bet. You can find many fashionable suits on the high street, or you can opt for a fitting with a professional tailor. Other weddings may have a more relaxed feel (especially in the warmer months) in which case, a pair of smart chinos and a nice shirt will ensure that you hit all the right style notes.

Enjoy shopping for your outfit

Now we’ve covered all the key wedding style rules and wedding fashion faux pas, you should be all set to find your perfect wedding guest outfit.

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