How to match two bridal dresses

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When it comes to tying the knot with your better half, you might have decided that one of you will go for the tux-look, emphasising her beautiful frame and gorgeous features. However, it might be that both of you are looking forward to wearing a dress, and maybe you are not sure how to pull it off. Here we explore some fantastic ideas when both brides are wearing a dress, read on and have a look at our gallery of wedding venues.

Two different colour dresses

One cool idea, if both of you want to wear a dress, is to go for the same dress, but in different colours. One of you could wear a white dress, and the other, a navy blue or grey dress. This will help you to achieve a wonderful photographic combination, reminiscent of the colours of a suit. Alternatively, you could go all technicolor and choose two of your liking, perhaps two colours from the gay pride flag, such as yellow and violet.

Wear matching jewellery

Each of you could be wearing a white dress, unique in its own way to match your unique personalities; and you could go for a selection of matching jewellery. The jewellery will play the role of tying your outfits together, and making them part of a larger whole, even if one of the dresses has a more classic cut, and the other a more laidback one. Of course, towards the end of the ceremony, your jewellery will be matching even more, when both of you will be boasting a Mrs. and Mrs. wedding ring.

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Matching jumpsuits

If neither of you is one for dresses; have you thought of an oh-so-trendy jumpsuit? You can find them in several colours; and we suggest two white ones for that extra Mrs. and Mrs. affect. This garment is really in fashion lately; and is easy to accessorise. You could be wearing it up with stilettos or down with canvas shoes; and you can decide to complement it with muted or pastel accessories, as well as vibrant ones, depending on your preference. What is for sure, is that two matching jumpsuits are sure to impress your guests and loved ones.

Two bouquets

Again, if each of you wants to show her individuality through her outfit, why not add a splash of colour through your bouquets? This will  indicate to all that you are now a unit, ready to start your new life together as wife and wife. Perhaps only one of you wants to have a bouquet, but if both of you are willing to add that floral touch, it’s your big day, so who says you shouldn’t? You might decide for a bouquet matching the rest of the flowers in the venue; or a bouquet appropriate to the time of the year you are tying the knot in. For example, you could choose pinks and pastels for spring, yellows and blues for summer, reds and oranges for an Autumn bouquet; and finally, whites and creams for a winter floral selection. The more adventurous of you might want to show off your pride with a particular kind of flower, specifically designed for this purpose. Two matching bouquets of this floral arrangement are a definite win


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