How to perfect your groom style

A bow tie

There are lots of great style guides on the internet for excited brides-to-be, in all the excitement of white gowns and bridal beauty, the grooms can sometimes take a bit of a backseat – but it’s important for any groom to look sharp and feel confident on his wedding day.

In contrast to the bride, who often only has to narrow down their choice of white dress,  the groom has an array of colours, suit designs, and fabrics to settle on. Finalising your choice of suit can be stressful and complicated, so we’ve broken down the key things you need to consider.

Which suit should you go for?

It’s hard to go wrong with a three-piece suit, a classic cut for groom’s wear. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you might like to get measured for a waistcoat. In contrast, if your wedding vibe is relaxed and down-to-earth, you may feel most at home wearing a smart dress shirt and a pair of formal trousers.

A million shades

A traditional black suit, with a white shirt, looks sharp and appropriate; great for any groom-to-be who is confident in his appearance and looking to impress. A navy blue is a also a perfect choice if you’d like a more relaxed, but occasion-appropriate shade. But the modern groom has a world of other colours to choose from; cool blues, smart greys, vibrant burgundys, and purples could all be contenders for your perfect shade of suit.

A groom wearing a pink shirt and tieIt’s all in the accessories

You can bring a fresh personal twist to your groom attire by carefully selecting some great accessories. As Adam, at Rock My Wedding, notes “A moderately priced off the peg suit can look a million dollars if accessorised in the right way”. We love the casual look of suspenders, perfect for a laidback wedding and a relaxed groom.  In addition, a bowtie can look charming and bring much character to any suit; you could style your bow-tie in a bold colour, go for a patterned design, or pick a beautiful velvet material for some added vintage cool. You can also accessorise your suit with some fun cuff-links, which really express your personality.

Changing up fabrics

When it comes to suit fabrics, you may like to go the traditional route and pick out a beautiful suit in classic wool. Thanks to its breathable fabric and potential to keep you cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, it’s a solid choice for any groom-to-be.  In contrast to the classic cotton, tweed is full of character; perfect for any quirky, stylish gentleman. In additional, linen is light and airy; perfect for a summer celebration. We also love silk or velvet for the boldly stylish future groom.

The Dream Suit

The modern groom has endless opportunities to bring their personality into their wedding day attire; you have an array of shades, accessories, and cuts to choose from to showcase your personal style.

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