Gay weddings: How to match two grooms’ suits

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So, your wedding is coming up and it’s time for both of you to get the suits you will walk down the aisle with. Sure, organising a wedding is as exciting as it can be nerve racking, and you might still have lots of questions about your grooms’ suits. From whether to wear same colour suits or different, or to rent a suit or get it made? We can answer some of these pressing questions.

Wear it up or down?

One crucial question to answer is whether your attire will be formal, classic or bohemian. The clue to finding out is deciding on the atmosphere and theme of your wedding, before you go for your suits.

If you are tying the knot in an English Castle during winter, you might want to go formal. If so, matching tuxedos; or tuxedos in grey or navy  hues might be the way to go. If, conversely, you’re having an outdoor style ceremony at the Orangery, then perhaps go for a laidback linen suit, matched with sandals and flower garlands. For an autumn wedding, you could wear chequered shirts under your tux (yes, even with a top hat for added contrast), to add that extra countryside touch. The key to success is to have tried your attire prior to the big day, to make sure it fits you and your significant other like a glove.

Rent or tailor your suit?

Although formal wear hire might be a solution if you’re planning your wedding on a budget, stores that offer this kind of service don’t always offer the latest trends, so your choices might be limited.

As we said in the previous section, the key to success is that your suits fit each other like a glove, and, of course, a guaranteed way of achieving this is to get a tailor-made suit. You could get the exact same suit in two different colours, perhaps two colours that you are likely to wear again in the future, since this is an investment suit. This choice of colour could also be a reflection of each of your personalities.

White not?

White is definitely a winner in any wedding, and it has the power of clearly identifying who is getting married, as guests are unlikely to wear white.

If you are getting your suits tailor-made, it might be that one of you decides to wear white, and the other black. This is particularly effective when it comes to your photography, as the contrast between these two colours is especially striking.

Other combinations work very well with white, and you might even decide that both of your suits should be white. In this case, you could go for matching red ties, or each of you could wear a tie or bow tie in different colours, to express your personalities.

White also lends itself to playing with the texture, weight and quality of the fabric. For example, if you go for the head-to-toe white attire, then get a white jacquard vest, with small flowers or a paisley pattern embroidered with white thread, only visible when light shimmers.

Matching flowers

Lapel flowerOne elegant and effective way to match two different colour suits is to wear matching lapel flowers. As was pointed out earlier, one of the crucial aspects to consider is the overall theme of your wedding, which could be informed by something as simple and straightforward as the season you choose to get married in. So, for example, if you’re getting married in spring, each of you could wear a pastel orange rose. In summer, you could go for a vibrant yellow; and autumn lends itself to an orange or burgundy rose. Winter is the time for white roses, perhaps coupled with a small holly leaf.

Matching multicoloured lapel flowers are also a wonderful option – they will really make you stand out – if you want to add a little touch of fun to an otherwise formal suit. Or you could even wear matching bouquets if you don’t want to miss out on the bouquet toss!

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