Dress tips for pregnant brides

Pregnant bride
Pregnant brides will have different concerns when it comes to their wedding dress; have a read of our advice on how to find the perfect dress, whether you want to flaunt or hide your baby bump.

Concealing a bump: dress options

The right shape of wedding dress will easily hide a baby bump; think full skirts, or dresses with a fitted top and a skirt that flares out towards the bottom of the dress. In addition to certain wedding shape dresses being better than others for concealing a baby bump, certain wedding dress features will help draw the eye away from your baby bump. Sleeveless dresses and deep v-necks bring a gorgeous, sensual look to any wedding day look; both features will draw the eye away from a bump.

In contrast, elaborate decorative features, such as a gorgeous laced sleeves or delicate beading along the top of your dress will also help draw the eyes to those areas and will detract from a baby bump.

When going for a wedding dress fitting, be sure to let your fitter know ahead of time that you are looking to conceal your bump, they will hopefully have some great advice on the best style of dresses to go for and the shapes you should embrace and avoid.

Concealing a bump: embrace your accessories

Some well-placed accessories are a wonderful way to conceal a baby bump. A full bouquet filled with bright and beautiful flowers is a great way to hide a bump. In addition, a full veil or a statement necklace are bold statement pieces that will take centre stage in your wedding day look.

Wedding dress at windowFlaunting your baby bump: dress options

Looking for a style of dress to flaunt your baby bump? Go for a breathable, yet tighter fabric, as Brides explains:

“Maternity doesn’t have to mean matronly. Case in point: Olivia Wilde killed it in a tight green Gucci gown which put her growing baby bump on display at the 2014 Golden Globes. Channel the star on your big day by rocking a look that showcases your bundle of joy, just remember to find the right fabric. “Silk jersey, English netting and some laces will have elasticity to allow a bit of give and stretch to take shape of the silhouette and hug a ‘happy hump,'” Pool says.”

Silks and chiffons are your friends when it comes to your wedding dress; these gorgeous floaty fabrics will give you room to breathe, while beautifully highlighting the shape of your bump.

If you are looking to flaunt your bump, it can be a good idea to keep your dress simple; your bump will likely take centre stage, so avoid dresses with heavy detailing or bold features, such as full sleeves.

Finding the perfect dress for you

Whether you’re looking to embrace or conceal your baby bump in your wedding dress, there are a variety of wonderful options out there for you.

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