Honeymoon profile: Japan

Japan view

There are many wonderful honeymoon destinations waiting to be explored. One of our favourites is Japan. Rich in culture and scenic beauty, Japan perfectly combines the old with the new and offers up many opportunities for indulgence in fine cuisine, good entertainment and shopping experiences.

Visiting Japan

Japan is fresh and innovative, mixing the ultra-modern with the ancient, think towering skyscrapers, sitting side-by-side with ancient shrines and temples. Japan also celebrates much natural beauty, with its national parks, scenic city gardens  and beautiful mountains.

Japan is renowned skiing destination, believe it not, with sweeping slopes that welcome seasoned skiers and new skiers alike. Japan is also home to sandy beaches, ideal for tanning, surfing and relaxing by the waves. Japan seems to combine every single aspect of a great holiday getaway – vibrant city life, beaches, snowy mountain peaks and gorgeous natural scenery. In addition, cherry blossom season is one of the best times to visit Japan, when locals celebrate the beautiful blossoming on the cherry blossom trees with cherry blossom festivals.

A place to explore

Where are some great places to visit within Japan itself? Tokyo is adored for its buzzing nightlife, modern architecture and shopping opportunities. Offering a number of places to dine and drink, perfect if you are looking to really indulge on your honeymoon. After weeks sticking to a strict exercise regime and healthy diet, in prep for your wedding, Japan offers a good opportunity to indulge on your honeymoon.

Expedia highlights the charms of Japan, as embodied by the style and vibrancy of Tokyo:

“Although Tokyo is a modern city, tradition and history is still very important. In the National Museum of Tokyo you can peruse art and objects from ancient Japan and historic pieces from other Asian countries. The collection includes ancient objects that are up to 12,000 years old. There’s also the Imperial Palace where for centuries the powerful Shoguns lived and which has housed the Emperor since the time of the Meiji Restoration.

In the Sensoji Temple you will discover traditional Buddhist spirituality that goes back to the year 645. At the controversial Yushukan Museum and Shrine you’ll find a memorial and exhibits that commemorate the more than 2 million people in the last century and a half that have fallen in the service of their country – including during World War II.”

Shinto Temple

Offering up offbeat fashion retailers, high-tech gadgets, traditional clothes and hand-crafted treasures, Japan is also a great place to shop, you’ll likely fill up your suitcases with a number of unique, quirky items that you couldn’t easily purchase in the UK. It’s also home to a number of striking Buddhist temples, that maintain their traditional architecture. Visitors are often struck by the temples peaceful atmosphere. Koyoto and Osaka (Japan’s second and third largest city) also offer plenty in the way of shopping, culture and entertainment – if you’re looking for the buzz of city life beyond Tokyo.

While Japan is seen by many as ultramodern, with its towering skyscrapers and fashionable inhabitants, Japan also retains a lot of its history and it’s easily explored if you know where to look.  Wondering around zen rock gardens, green tea making, or enjoying the peace and relaxation that comes from visiting the local monasteries – Japan retains much of the charms of the old, if you’re looking for some of the authentic Japanese history and atmosphere.

A vibrant honeymoon getaway

Japan offers much in the way of style, natural beauty and sensory indulgences, it’s a great place to visit on your honeymoon if you’re looking for exciting adventures and an electric culture that’s vastly different from the culture at home.

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