Giving back on your wedding day: How you can celebrate a cause you care about on your wedding day

Bride and groom

How can you bring some of your favourite charities into your wedding day? Below, we explore some of the most colourful and easy ways to bring a feel-good cause into your wedding day.

Showcase the colours that represent your favourite cause

There are many ways to incorporate colours that represent popular causes in your wedding day. You could wear rainbow socks, shoes and bow ties for LGBT community. Alternatively, you may like to trade a plain sponge or the traditional fruit cake with a rainbow coloured sponge (it will look amazing with the classic white icing!).

Consider your accessories

There are many ways that you can draw attention to a good cause though your accessories. For example, most charities craft cute pins and badges that represent their cause; you can easily pin these pins onto your suit jacket, or wedding dress.

Donate your dress and wedding accessories

A wonderful way to give back after your wedding is to donate items you used for your wedding, after your wedding day has been and gone. Donate your silver wedding shoes, your wedding dress and wedding flowers – all of which you will likely not wear again. Many women are getting married and struggling with financial worries and poverty – so donating your wedding dress and other wedding accessories to charities that support these women will be a wonderful way to help give someone a great wedding day without worry or stress.

Breast cancer awarenessSwap your gift registry for a charity

Swapping your gift registry for a charity registry is a simple, hassle-free way to bring some charitable cheer to your wedding day. The feel-good buzz you get from opting for charity donations has been scientifically proven to provide a bigger boost to happiness than material items – so you may feel much happier than you’d imagine you would trading in physical gifts for charity donations. It’s also a great option if you already feel like you have everything you need and you don’t want to add more clutter to your life.  There are many charity registries online that are simple to use and easy to set up.

Send flowers

Overrun with fresh flowers left over from your wedding? Sending flowers to people who are ill is a lovely way to make the warm afterglow from your wedding last longer. The Knot highlights how appreciated this gesture would be:

“Sometimes the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact. There are several organizations, as well as many independent florists, who work to turn your centerpieces and other arrangements into personalized bouquets for sick patients in health care facilities.”

Celebrating a good cause

There are many ways to bring a good cause into your wedding day – why not jot down some of these ideas on your wedding planner? Couples that have previously decided to incorporate a cause into their wedding day note that it made it feel even more special.

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