Same-sex wedding trends for 2018

Since same-sex marriage became legal in the UK in March 2014, tens of thousands of couples have taken the plunge and tied the knot. In fact, in the first year alone around 15,000 brides and grooms walked down the aisle to say their ‘I Dos’. If you’re planning on joining them in marital bliss, here are a few of the most popular same-sex wedding trends for 2018 to get you inspired.


Showing a united front

As same-sex marriage has only been legalised relatively recently, many of the couples now tying the knot have been together for years. In many cases, these couples are choosing to forgo the traditional wedding party in favour of a more original approach. For examples, couples in the US tend to forgo a certain aspect of the ceremony, according to @theknot:

“37 percent [of same-sex couples] showcase their unity from the very beginning of the ceremony by walking down the aisle together instead of being escorted by a family member.”

It’s all about the party

Although most newlyweds throw a reception for friends and family, many same-sex couples take things one step further by continuing the fun with an after party. Often held in a local pub, club or friends house, these late night festivities give the newlyweds and their guests the chance to really make the most of the celebration, and revel until the sun comes up.

Same sex wedding

Unconventional attire

While some same-sex couples opt to wear traditional white dresses and suits when they walk down the aisle, many decide to go for something just a little bit different. With no conventions governing what a same-sex couple should wear on their wedding day, the sartorial world is your oyster. Add a bit of colour to your outfits, have your suits or gowns specially tailored or take your united front to the next level by wearing matching outfits.

If you want to make the most of the wardrobe opportunities offered by your big day, invest in one outfit for the ceremony, one for the reception and yet another for the after party.


Just like an army, a wedding marches on its stomach. One of the best ways to ensure that your guests are well fed throughout the day is to supply a ‘grazing table’. Laden with delicious snacks and nibbles, it will provide plenty of tasty treats for your guests to enjoy as they wait for the main meal to arrive. As well as ensuring that no one goes hungry, having food on offer throughout the reception will help to avoid anyone over indulging in the bar too early.

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