Working the room at your wedding

Wedding guests are an integral part of any big day. Whether you’re having an intimate wedding or a huge celebration to mark your union, each and every guest on your list had their own special part to play in your relationship and your life so far. Yes, those save the dates aren’t mailed to anyone! Your guest list will be a who’s who of the most important people in your life and your partner’s. Whilst there are countless articles detailing the special ways to say thank you to your wedding guests and the favours you can give to show your appreciation, one thing that says it all is spending time with guests on the most important day of your life.

Working the room

Unfortunately, the average wedding day itinerary leaves little room to spend tons of time with each guest you invite. Learning how to work the room on your wedding day is the best way to spend time with the individuals who have come to support you and your partner. Read on to discover our top tips for spending enough time with your guests.

Host a drinks reception

There’s no better way to mingle with guests than over a good drink. Whatever your tipple of choice, whether you’d prefer a summery Pimm’s, a signature cocktail or a glass of champagne, a drinks reception provides the informal and relaxed setting you need to socialise one on one with your guests.

Drinks receptions for socialisation purposes are great choices for weddings with smaller guest lists. As well as providing a great way to kickstart celebrations post-ceremony, you and your bride or groom can work the room with ease, greeting guests and dishing out hugs, kisses and thanks as you go. This lets you take a more relaxed attitude to socialising for the rest of the day.

Form a receiving line

A more traditional and formal way to greet and thank guests, a receiving line offers a convenient option that ensures no one is missed. A receiving line involves the newlyweds, plus their parents or other important members of their bridal party. It’s usually held after the ceremony as people exit the service or as the couple and guests reach their reception venue. There are many benefits to forming a receiving line as part of your wedding day, particularly if your guest list is on the large side, as The Knot (@theknot) details:

“A receiving line is the best opportunity to greet each guest individually and thank him or her for coming to your wedding. And if you’re having more than 50 guests, it’s considered proper etiquette. The line also guarantees your guests a minute of face-to-face time with you, a chance to hug, kiss, and congratulate you both, and to say things like “The ceremony was lovely.” If you rely instead on the more casual greet-them-as-you-see-them approach, you may spend the whole party in a tailspin, ducking out of conversations to say hello to people you haven’t greeted yet, and inevitably you’ll end up missing someone.”

Wedding ceremony

Let the fun and games begin!

Including games and other interactive activities in your wedding day is another route to working the room and mingling with your guests more naturally and fluidly. From classic lawn games to table-based activities, wedding games add the fun factor to receptions and get all your guests talking on your big day. Discover 30 wedding reception games that you and your guests will love.

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