The night before – top tips for a stress-free pre-wedding experience

The wedding planning process is fun but does come with its fair share of stress. Even the most prepared couples struggle to keep a handle on anxiety as their big day approaches, with stress levels reaching fever pitch the night before their wedding date. Planning ahead for a stress-free pre-wedding experience is the key to keeping things as fun, magical and memorable as they should be. Read on to discover our top tips for your final day (and night) as unmarried folk!

Reducing stress

Don’t leave anything until the last minute

The final week before your wedding can be mayhem, especially if you haven’t prepared the itinerary and timeline for your big day. It is imperative that you keep lines of communication open with your wedding suppliers. Be realistic, and always think about a Plan B in case of a problem.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! During these final days, guidance from a wedding venue or on-site coordinator will be invaluable. Your bridal party and family can also offer a helping hand. You’ll want to tie up any loose ends prior to the day or night before your wedding date.

The same theory applies to your wedding attire. Make sure everything fits and attaches as it should with a last fitting the week before. For those considering a rehearsal dinner, it’s probably not the best idea to schedule it the night before your big day either. Reserve your last night of freedom for fun, relaxation, and small, last minute tasks (like breaking in your wedding shoes) only.

Pay a visit to your venue or even stay over

Adding those final touches to your wedding venue can really help you realise the day of your dreams. From your guest book and card box to your menus, table numbers and orders of service, there are many accessories that will make your special day even more unforgettable. Use the day before your wedding to drop off these essential items at your wedding venue.

There are also a number of benefits that go hand-in-hand with staying over at your wedding venue the night before. In addition to eliminating the need for wedding transportation, an overnight stay can help you start proceedings a little earlier as well as relax and get comfortable in the setting where you’ll say “I do”.

Nail polish

Indulge in some wedding fun earlier than planned

You don’t have to put off celebrations until the day of the wedding itself. Many brides and grooms take full advantage of the moment and use the day and night before their big day to indulge themselves. It’s the perfect reward for some successful planning! From enjoying a last minute shopping spree with your friends to relishing your time together as a couple before married life sets in, there are tons of ways to have fun. A pamper session is another popular way to spend your last day as this blog post reveals:

“This is more up the ladies’ aisle – a luxury spa evening with your bridesmaids and close friends. Have a masseuse over or go to a spa, get a nice massage to relieve all those pre-wedding jitters and stress. Your make-up for tomorrow might be a hand full of products and powders so consider getting a facial as well to prepare your skin for what’s about to come. Stay away from home made things or any funny products that might cause a skin irritation. You want to glow on your wedding day!”

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