What to do before you start viewing wedding venues

There are tons of articles littering the web about how couples tying the knot can find the perfect venue for them. This post from Bridal Guide offers 35 tips for selecting a wedding venue, which doesn’t exactly make for light reading! Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the first and biggest decisions you’re likely to make during the planning process. But there are actually a number of things you should do before you start viewing venues to make life a little easier as a bride- or groom-to-be.

As the UK’s longest established group of wedding venues, we certainly know what it takes to provide the perfect setting for memorable and truly beautiful wedding days. Our exclusive venues are where wedding day dreams are made and each has been cherry picked to ensure a tailor-made experience for every couple we host. In this blog post, we reveal just what newly engaged couples should do before venue viewings commence to ensure they start the planning process on the right foot.

Find inspiration for your day

Some brides (and grooms) know exactly what they want from their wedding day long before that engagement ring comes out. Regardless of your plans (or lack thereof), establishing the beginnings of your wedding vision before you start viewing will mean you stay on course for a fantastic celebration. Whilst the venue itself will provide plenty of inspiration, your vision will also make some venues more suitable than others. Wedding inspiration comes in all forms, from your own lifestyle and preferences to the latest design trends and celebrity weddings (find out how the royal wedding inspired us).

Bridal Musings offers their advice on finding and using great sources of inspiration during those early stages of wedding planning:

“The most obvious source of inspiration; look to magazines, blogs, events and of course Pinterest to start gathering a plethora of images… The trick here is not to get caught up in what is currently a key wedding trend but to really focus on those weddings and ideas that capture your vision.  Look for images that convey the overall sense of what you’re trying to create (innovative, chic, ethereal) and as you get further along in your planning, also hone in on specific elements such as table settings and flowers for inspiration which can help you when briefing suppliers and sourcing elements.”

Create a wedding budget

Knowing what figures you have to work with will define how your wedding plans are made into a reality. We have been lucky enough to work with couples with varying budgets. Think those wedding day dreams are out of reach financially? Our wedding loans make financing your wedding day easy.

Compile a list of questions

Preparing a list of questions before you view potential venues is a must, regardless of whether your venue search is wide ranging or you’ve narrowed down one or two venues thanks to additional research. By getting these essential questions answered you can gather all the information you need to book with confidence. Supplying these questions and receiving the answers in advance will also help to refine your search and view your shortlisted venue with a clear head.

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