5 ways the royal wedding inspired us

Celebrity weddings are a popular source of inspiration for brides-to-be. Documented in painstaking detail, we can read over every aspect in glossy magazines. Most of us don’t have the budget enjoyed by these famous faces, but inspiration comes in all forms and can be emulated to complement your own wedding theme. Prince Harry and Hollywood starlet Meghan Markle’s nuptials are already being considered the wedding of the century. Like many high profile ceremonies, this very royal celebration gave us quite a few things to think about.

Wedding table

In this blog post, we highlight five ways this celebration inspired us so you can have your very own ‘royal’ wedding.

1. Classic with a twist is where it’s at

When selecting the right bridal attire, it’s often the style you don’t expect to like that makes the biggest and most positive impression. Wedding dress choice may come down to personal preference, but one thing Meghan taught us is that “classic” and “understated” can have a big impact. Meghan chose to marry in a bright white, boat neck gown that would be rather unremarkable on its own but her use of accessories made her bridal ensemble a show stopper.

From her convertible, diamond-encrusted tiara to her 16-foot personalised veil, the power of accessories can really be appreciated here. Designer Harriet Head offered her expert advice to those selecting bridal accessories in a recent blog post from Love My Dress:

“The right accessories should make you feel special… They should also be in keeping with your personality as well as complimenting your dress style. Increasingly, brides are opting for fashion led designs so I would urge you to make sure that if you’re making a fashion led choice, it’s for something that really suits you as these styles date quite quickly and, if they aren’t a natural fit for your personality then they will really stick out in photographs in time to come.”

2. Paying tribute doesn’t have to be a huge statement

In the run up to the royal wedding everyone was wondering how Prince Harry would commemorate his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, on his special day. Paying tribute to loved ones that can’t be there to celebrate your special day with you is important, and Prince Harry did so in a subtle yet touching way. Meghan’s bouquet featured forget-me-nots, spring blooms that were Diana’s favourite flower.

3. Sometimes traditional rules are meant to be broken

brideIt wasn’t just Harry and Meghan’s quirky choice of entertainment throughout the ceremony that broke with tradition. Conventions were brushed aside before the bride and groom even met at the altar. Traditionally at British weddings a groom should wait until the bride is at his side before looking at her, but like many other grooms, Prince Harry couldn’t resist watching his bride’s progress down the aisle. Take inspiration from this small act of rebellion and do away with tradition if needs be.

4. It’s ok for wedding bands not to match

Personalisation is the key to creating the perfect wedding. In fact, every aspect of your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple, and this shouldn’t end when choosing your wedding jewellery. Your wedding bands should give a nod to your own preferences and style. After all, you’re going to be wearing them for the rest of your days. You and your partner’s wedding bands can be as different as you like, just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Harry opted for a platinum ring with a textured finish, whilst Meghan has a Welsh gold band.

5. bA smaller guest list has its benefits

We’re not saying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s guest list was small, but in comparison to the 1,900 guests in attendance at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding and the 2,000 guests at the Queen’s own 1947 wedding, their guest list was miniscule. The benefits of hosting an intimate wedding are many. However, it’s probably not a good idea to invite your exes to the big day like Prince Harry did!

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